Amanda Abbington Quits Strictly Come Dancing Amid Partner Conflict

Amanda Abbington Quits Strictly Come Dancing Amid Partner Conflict

Amanda Abbington Quits Strictly Come Dancing Over Partner Conflict

Amanda Abbington’s departure from Strictly Come Dancing has been attributed to her strained relationship with professional dance partner Giovanni Pernice, according to an exclusive report by the Daily Star.

The BBC confirmed Amanda’s exit on the show’s October 23 episode, stating that she had “decided to withdraw from the show.”

However, it has now emerged that her decision was primarily driven by her discomfort with Giovanni and a lack of enjoyment in their partnership.

Amanda’s Discontent with Giovanni

A source revealed that Amanda had grown increasingly frustrated with Giovanni’s teaching style and had stopped enjoying her time on the show.

“Amanda had simply had enough of Gio.

She did not respond well to his teaching style and she wasn’t enjoying herself,” the source disclosed.

“Why put herself through it if she isn’t having any fun? She tried to tolerate him but there was too much bad blood, and she simply cannot pretend anymore.”

Amanda’s Regret and Wishing for a Different Partner

The source also shared Amanda’s sadness over her exit, explaining that she had hoped for a more positive experience on the show.

“She came into this with the highest hopes and so excited and committed.

She has been so jealous of all the fun everyone else has been having.

Gio’s teaching style does not work for Amanda, and enough was enough.”

The BBC’s Statement and Giovanni’s Response

The BBC’s official statement acknowledged Amanda’s withdrawal from the competition and wished her the best for the future.

Giovanni Pernice expressed his sadness and pride in what they had achieved together in an Instagram post.

The two had previously denied any feud rumors during a recent interview on It Takes Two.

Rift Rumors and Amanda’s Response

Rumors of a rift between Amanda and Giovanni had circulated, but the pair had denied them.

They emphasized their good rapport and shared sense of humor during rehearsals.

Amanda also took to Instagram to address the rumors directly, urging the source of the speculation to “grow up” and dismissing the claims as baseless.

The development has added an intriguing twist to this season of Strictly Come Dancing, and fans are left wondering about the fate of Amanda Abbington’s journey on the show.