Alleged Side Chicks of Davido Engage in Social Media Feud Over Concert Attendance and Body-Shaming

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Anita Brown, one of the alleged side chicks of award-winning singer Davido, has ignited a social media war with Ivanna Bay, another alleged side chick, over their association with the singer.


Taking to her Instagram page, Anita took shots at Ivanna for attending Davido’s concert and urged trolls to stop comparing them, emphasizing her focus on running her businesses and maintaining her real-life commitments.

Anita Body-Shames Ivanna, Claims Superiority

In a separate post, Anita resorted to body-shaming Ivanna, asserting that despite both of them having undergone surgery, she believes she looks better.

She openly offered to share her doctor’s information, insinuating that her physical appearance surpasses Ivanna’s.


Ivanna Slams Anita for Hypocrisy and Body Shaming

Responding to Anita’s remarks, Ivanna criticized her for talking about women’s empowerment while simultaneously demeaning another woman’s body.

Ivanna called out Anita for being fake and contradictory, pointing out her constant presence on social media discussing Davido and his wife, despite claiming to lead a busy businesswoman’s life.

She accused Anita of longing to be in her position and urged her to stop making derogatory comments about others.


The ongoing feud between Anita Brown and Ivanna Bay, allegedly involved with singer Davido, highlights the tensions and conflicts arising from their association with a high-profile figure.

The exchange of verbal jabs, body-shaming, and accusations of hypocrisy has attracted attention on social media platforms, fueling further speculation and interest in their alleged relationships with the singer.


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