Allegations of ‘Dirty Money’ Infiltrating UK Politics Spark Urgent Calls for Investigation and Regulatory Reforms

Allegations of ‘Dirty Money’ Infiltrating UK Politics Spark Urgent Calls for Investigation and Regulatory Reforms

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Labour MP Margaret Hodge expressed her concerns about the infiltration of “dirty money” into politics during a parliamentary session.


Referring to a joint investigation by a newspaper and the BBC, Hodge emphasized that Javad Marandi, a businessman who had donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Conservative Party, was allegedly linked to a criminal enterprise known as the Azerbaijan laundromat.

The scheme involved the movement of corrupt funds worldwide.

Hodge called for the Conservative Party to return the donations and demanded ministers to report any access granted to Marandi in exchange for his financial contributions.

Margaret Hodge strongly condemns the alleged involvement of Javad Marandi in the Azerbaijan laundromat scheme and highlights the implications of “dirty money” entering the realm of politics.

She stresses the need for accountability and transparency in political donations.

Chris Philp Responds with Caution and Promises Investigation

Chris Philp, the policing minister, responded to the allegations by acknowledging the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.


While welcoming the National Crime Agency’s investigation into the money laundering case, Philp emphasized the government’s commitment to preventing the flow of illicit funds through London.

He stated that he had recently become aware of Marandi’s connection to the case and assured MPs that existing rules governing political donations were being examined for potential strengthening.

Chris Philp adopts a cautious approach by affirming the principle of presumed innocence while expressing support for the ongoing investigation.

He acknowledges the seriousness of the allegations and assures MPs that the government is actively reviewing political donation regulations to address any potential loopholes.

Alison Thewliss Praises Media and Advocates for Transparency

Alison Thewliss, an MP from the Scottish Nationalist Party, commended the Evening Standard and the BBC for exposing Javad Marandi’s involvement in the money laundering case.

She described the revelation as a victory for transparency and freedom of the press, particularly in the face of wealthy individuals seeking anonymity.

Thewliss emphasized the significance of the case for democracy and highlighted the denial of any wrongdoing by Marandi.

However, she cited the National Crime Agency’s findings, linking Marandi’s companies to the Azerbaijan laundromat, as evidence of his alleged participation in the money laundering network.



Alison Thewliss acknowledges the role of the media in uncovering the alleged wrongdoing and applauds their efforts to promote transparency.

She also underscores the importance of the case for democracy and raises concerns about the influence of money in politics.

Questions Regarding Ministerial Meetings and Actions Taken

Alison Thewliss requested Chris Philp to provide information regarding Javad Marandi’s interactions with government ministers and the potential influence his donations may have had.

She also inquired about when ministers became aware of Marandi’s connection to the Azerbaijan laundromat and what measures had been taken in response.


Alison Thewliss seeks clarity on the extent of Javad Marandi’s interactions with ministers and the implications of his donations.

She demands transparency regarding when the government became aware of Marandi’s alleged involvement and the subsequent actions taken to address the situation.


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