All You Need To Know About Title IX

All You Need To Know About Title IX

When you get involved in a Title IX case, everything is at stake. You must do everything you can to clear your name as soon as possible. If you are found guilty, the minimum punishment is a suspension, but you could also get expelled. Regardless, both a suspension and an expulsion can gravely affect your academic profile. 

The next school or university you apply to would want to look at your academic profile and will instantly know that you were accused of a Title IX crime and that you were removed from your previous school because of it. To protect your future and career, speak to an attorney from the Lento Law Firm immediately. 

What does a Title IX investigation look like?

  1. The Title IX Coordinator of your school receives a complaint and signs it. 
  2. After signing it, it is the Coordinator’s duty to write a notice to the accused with relevant information related to the accusation. 
  3. The Coordinator then appoints an investigator who meets with both parties and collects evidence and statements. 
  4. The school sets a time limit for the investigation. 
  5. After the investigation is done, the Investigator is supposed to write a summary of their findings. Both parties are required to review this summary and make suggestions for changes before the final draft is submitted. 
  6. The defendant/s have the right to be present at the hearing and present their own evidence and arguments. However, there are additional complex rules you can discuss with an attorney. 
  7. The defendant has the right to an attorney or Title IX advisor. 
  8. The Decision Makers use the “preponderance of evidence” standard to make a decision. 
  9. Both sides can appeal the decision of the Decision Makers. However, appeals are only allowed for the following reasons:
  • Discovery of new evidence.
  • There was a mistake in the Title IX procedures. 
  • There was bias in the decision-making process. 

How can a Title IX attorney help?

When you get accused of a Title IX crime, you should know that the situation is extremely serious. It is important that you specifically look for an attorney with decades of experience dealing with Title IX cases. You need someone who understands Title IX’s history and keeps up with the many changes. 

You do not want to put your child’s future in danger. If you or your child has been accused of a sexual crime under Title IX law, get in touch with an attorney immediately. 

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