Alison Walker’s Brave Battle – Assaulted on Algarve Trail, Garmin Tracker Alerts Police

Alison Walker’s Brave Battle – Assaulted on Algarve Trail, Garmin Tracker Alerts Police

Alison Walker, a British ultra-trail runner renowned for her record-breaking feats, recounted a traumatic encounter during her training session on the Algarve, where she narrowly escaped a premeditated rape attempt.

The assailant, lying in wait, ambushed her during her run, pushing her to the ground and attempting to remove her shorts.

Despite sustaining injuries and losing her contact lenses in the struggle, Alison fought back with all her strength, ultimately thwarting the attacker’s advances.

The Grim Reality of the Attack

Alison described the attack as meticulously planned, with the perpetrator concealing himself in the bushes to avoid detection.

She revealed disturbing details, including the presence of items indicating the intention of sexual assault, such as a tarpaulin and tissues, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Despite the trauma she endured, Alison managed to flee to safety and seek help from fellow runners, Kevin and Sharon, who accompanied her to a tearoom and alerted the authorities.

Her emotional account underscored the intense fear and distress she experienced during the assault.

Navigating Through Fear and Uncertainty

In the aftermath of the attack, Alison grappled with the emotional aftermath, expressing disbelief at the violation of her sense of safety during her run.

She credited her physical strength and quick thinking, including activating her Garmin fitness tracker’s emergency alert feature, for her escape.

Alison’s resilience shone through as she reflected on the ordeal, vowing not to let the traumatic experience deter her from her passion for running.

Despite her injuries and shaken confidence, she remained determined to continue her training and participate in upcoming races.

A Call for Vigilance and Support

Alison’s harrowing ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers faced by solo runners, especially in secluded areas.

Her plea for caution resonated strongly, urging fellow athletes to prioritize safety and avoid running alone in unfamiliar or isolated locations.

As she grappled with the aftermath of the attack, Alison received an outpouring of support from her community and expressed gratitude for the swift response of law enforcement.

Her courage in speaking out about her experience shed light on the need for greater awareness and vigilance to ensure the safety of runners everywhere.


Alison Walker’s account of her terrifying ordeal underscores the vulnerability of runners, particularly women, who venture out alone.

Her courage in sharing her story not only raises awareness about the risks faced by solo athletes but also highlights the importance of community support and vigilance in ensuring their safety.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the need for measures to enhance runner safety and prevent such heinous acts in the future.


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