Alison Hammond’s Romantic Escapade: TV Presenter Steps Out Publicly with New Beau David Putman, Unveiling Intimate Details of Their Relationship and Whirlwind Romance

Television personality Alison Hammond makes a public appearance alongside her reported new boyfriend, Russian model David Putman, marking their first outing together.

The couple was spotted enjoying a romantic getaway at Port Lympne Safari Park in Kent, where they spent a cozy night in one of the park’s luxury lodges.

Romantic Retreat Amidst Wildlife

Alison, 49, and David, 23, embraced the serenity of their surroundings as they ventured out for a tranquil break amidst the scenic beauty of Port Lympne Safari Park.

Donning stylish ensembles, the couple enjoyed each other’s company against the picturesque backdrop of the wildlife park, creating cherished memories of their time together.

Surprising Origins of Their Relationship

Reports reveal that Alison and David’s relationship began unexpectedly, with their romantic connection blossoming from a professional encounter.

Allegedly, Alison booked David for a massage session, and the pair hit it off during their time together, eventually transitioning from friendship to romance towards the end of last year.

David’s Journey to the UK

Originally from Krasnodar, Russia, David relocated to the UK in December 2022 to escape the turmoil of President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

With British citizenship through his father’s lineage, David now resides in Slough, where he divides his time between work and visits to London.

Embracing the Age Gap

Despite the significant age difference between them, Alison and David are said to be deeply content in their relationship, with age being inconsequential to their bond.

Described as a quiet and thoughtful individual, David is unfazed by Alison’s public persona, preferring a low-key lifestyle focused on music and companionship.

Growing Confidence in Their Relationship

Alison’s recent social media posts, featuring snapshots of her and David together, hint at the growing strength of their relationship.

Despite a history of romantic ups and downs, Alison is reportedly happier than ever, finding solace and companionship in her new partner.