Arizona Congressman Urges National Guard Deployment Amid Escalating Migrant Crisis

Arizona Congressman Urges National Guard Deployment Amid Escalating Migrant Crisis

The Tucson Border Sector in Arizona is grappling with a significant surge in migrant traffic, prompting Republican Congressman Juan Ciscomani to make a desperate plea for assistance. As the situation intensifies, Ciscomani calls for the deployment of the National Guard to address the escalating migrant crisis.

The Urgent Appeal:

In a letter addressed to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, Ciscomani, a 41-year-old born in Mexico, urgently requests immediate action to alleviate the dire situation in the Tucson Border Sector. The call for help follows a day with over 9,400 migrant encounters, with 7,700 apprehended by Border Patrol agents.

Assessment of the Crisis:

Ciscomani highlights the severity of the situation in the Tucson Sector, leading in encounters and facing challenges with an overwhelmed and understaffed team of agents and officers.

The letter emphasizes the need for federal intervention to support local communities, law enforcement, and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel.

Closure of Lukeville Port:

The demand for National Guard deployment goes unanswered for over three days, leading to the closure of the Lukeville Port of Entry. This decision sparks criticism from senators and the Democratic Governor, describing it as ‘unacceptable’ and calling on the Biden Administration to act swiftly in maintaining port of entry operations.

Escalation of the Crisis:

The closure of Lukeville Port reveals the magnitude of the crisis, with approximately 700 migrants waiting near the border wall. CBP officials attribute the closure to increased levels of migrant encounters, indicating the ongoing challenges faced by border control authorities.

Impact of Policy Changes:

The article delves into the impact of policy changes, particularly the controversial rescinding of the Trump-era Title 42 order by President Joe Biden.

This decision has contributed to a surge in migration numbers, with states like Arizona experiencing the consequences of increased border crossings.

Ongoing Border Crisis:

Despite efforts to surge resources and personnel to the Tucson Sector, the crisis persists. The Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector has become the busiest corridor for migrant encounters, prompting additional measures such as using officers from the Lukeville port to assist with processing.

Congressional Response and Criticism:

Ciscomani criticizes the Biden Administration for its handling of the crisis, blaming the repeal of Trump-era guidance. He emphasizes the need for immediate federal support and urges the deployment of the National Guard to provide reinforcement for border security.