After her dad died on duty, police line up for 4-year-first old’s day of school

Following the passing of the girl’s father in the line of duty nine months prior, this is the touching scene of the Tennessee police department lining up for a four-year-first old’s day of school.

Anna, a resident of Smyrna, is the daughter of Lt. Kevin Stolinsky, a detective with the La Vergne Police Department with 20 years of experience.

Little Anna made sure to hug several officers after high-fiving every single one of them
According to regional news sources, he passed away in November 2021 after experiencing a “medical emergency” while on patrol.

On August 8, Anna began attending Lancaster Christian Academy in Smyrna. To honour her father and to express their support for the family of a former coworker, cops rode motorcycles as they accompanied Anna and her mother to the school.

Anna made her way to the front of the school and was met by two lines of cops from various local law enforcement organisations.

Detective Lt. Kevin Stolinsky, 44, died on November 12, 2021, from a 'medical incident', La Vergne's police force said. No further details regarding the 20-year department veteran's passing were revealed

Even going to speak with several of the deputies, the little child gave them all a high five for helping her get to class safely.

Lt. Stolinsky, 44, was promoted from sergeant posthumously and had served with the La Verge Police Department since 2001.

He was praised as a role model for the neighbourhood by the mayor and his coworkers.

La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole told the Daily News Journal, “He was one of the best among us.”

He never stopped trying to improve things for other people. not intended for him. Whether it was at business or in his personal life, he was always standing up for others and working to improve every circumstance.

Kevin was well-liked and well-known in this community. His fame was universal. He attended each event.

At the parades, he was. Every city event had him there. He said, “He wasn’t simply a cop.

Prior to his subsequent deployments for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005 and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2009, Stolinsky had previously enlisted in the Navy as a Seabee.

Before retiring in 2016, he was subsequently sent to Africa, according to the Murfreesboro Post.

Detective Lt Kevin Stolinsky (left) with his daughter Anna from the Navy's Seabee obituary

Stolinsky is survived by his wife Casey, daughter Anna, father, and brother. He is also survived by his daughter.

Although the reason of the officer’s death is unknown at this time, the FBI reports that killings of police officers have increased by about 60% in 2021, in part because to the surge in violent crime in key US cities following the pandemic’s conclusion.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, the head of the government organisation, Christopher Wray, said that 73 policemen were slain in the line of duty in 2017.

A phenomenon that “doesn’t receive enough attention” is violence against police agencies, he said, as killings of all types and intensities rise nationwide.

According to the FBI’s calculations, there was one officer slain in the line of duty every five days last year.

Though just a small portion of the estimated 1,000 fatalities caused by police violence each year are taken into account by the legal system.

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