ActionSA’s effort to access Nasi Ispani Employment Document ‘BLOCKED’

ActionSA’s Doubts about Nasi Ispani ‘Job’ Scheme

Funzi Ngobeni, the Gauteng Provincial Chairperson of ActionSA, has raised concerns and cast doubt on the true nature of the Nasi Ispani ‘job’ scheme. He suggests that there are substantial reasons to believe that this initiative is primarily a public relations exercise.

Demand for Access to Hiring Documents

ActionSA has taken action by demanding access to the hiring documents related to the Nasi Ispani scheme. This request was made in accordance with the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA). However, the Gauteng Provincial Government, under Premier Panyaza Lesufi’s leadership, rejected ActionSA’s application.

Perceived Political Motivation

Ngobeni and ActionSA have long maintained that Nasi Ispani is a PR move by Premier Lesufi to give the impression of addressing unemployment, which they attribute to the ruling party. They believe that the scheme may have been designed to hire ANC cadres for the party’s campaign efforts leading up to the 2024 elections.

Questioning Transparency in Employment

Ngobeni questions the lack of transparency regarding the employment process through the Nasi Ispani scheme. He wonders why the government would not willingly provide the necessary documentation to prove that political affiliation with the ANC was not the sole criterion for hiring.

Internal Appeal and Concerns

In response to the rejection of their request, ActionSA intends to file an internal appeal as permitted by PAIA. They are determined to prevent any potential abuse of the scheme by the ANC. Ngobeni expresses awareness of the ruling party’s desperation to maintain control of the province due to fears of losing it after years of inadequate governance.

Addressing Youth Unemployment

ActionSA, as a party advocating for economic prosperity and justice for all, welcomes initiatives to combat youth unemployment, which currently stands at 63.9% in the province. However, they maintain that Nasi Ispani is a cosmetic endeavor that fails to address the underlying issues.

Looking to Private Sector Solutions

ActionSA believes that the unemployment crisis in Gauteng, affecting over two million people, cannot be resolved through gimmick schemes like Nasi Ispani. Instead, they advocate for creating an environment conducive to private businesses generating jobs. Their solutions for tackling the country’s high unemployment rate will be discussed at their inaugural policy conference scheduled for September 12-14, 2023.

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