Grand Designs Revival: Abandoned Mortuary in Tywyn Set for Eco-Friendly Transformation

The Resurrection of an Abandoned Mortuary

In a Grand Designs-style makeover, an abandoned mortuary in Tywyn, North Wales, is set to be transformed into a sustainable and eco-friendly home.

The single-story building, once a telephone exchange and later a mortuary, has stood empty and is now the focus of a rejuvenation project.

Passivhaus Transformation: Reducing Ecological Footprint

The proposal submitted to Cyngor Gwynedd Council outlines plans to demolish the existing structure and replace it with a ‘Passivhaus,’ emphasizing energy efficiency standards that aim to minimize the property’s ecological footprint. The ambitious project aims to turn a once-used mortuary into an environmentally conscious residence.

Architectural Features: From Morgue to Modern Living

The transformed building will feature rendered walls and timber cladding, a slate roof, timber-clad aluminum windows and doors, as well as the incorporation of solar panels.

The architectural elements are designed to reflect a commitment to sustainability and modern living. Additionally, plans include a new boundary wall, vehicle access, and a garden with native planting and swift boxes.

Community Integration: Communicating Plans with Neighbors and Council

The applicants, described as an ‘integral part of the community,’ have actively communicated their plans with neighbors and councillors.

The project aims to not only repurpose a disused structure but also contribute positively to the town’s landscape.

History of the Site: Mortuary and Potential Transformations

The site, which includes the mortuary and a closed toilet block, was sold by Gwynedd Council over a decade ago. In the past, suggestions for its use ranged from turning it into the world’s smallest theater or cinema. Now, the focus is on sustainable living in Tywyn.

Previous Mortuary Sales: Trend in Repurposing Abandoned Buildings

The trend of repurposing abandoned mortuaries continues, as demonstrated by the sale of a similar building in Leek, Staffordshire, earlier this year.

Despite its poor condition, the Leek mortuary sparked a bidding war, with some buyers eyeing it for a ‘spooky themed Airbnb.’

Conclusion: Tywyn’s Mortuary – A Symbol of Sustainable Transformation

As the application awaits consideration, the potential transformation of Tywyn’s abandoned mortuary represents not only a revival of an architectural relic but also a commitment to sustainable living in the heart of the community. The proposed eco-friendly home aims to breathe new life into a structure with a rich history.

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