aatur harshad mehta net worth

aatur harshad mehta net worth

Aatur Harshad Mehta’s net worth is nothing short of astonishing. With his keen financial acumen and strategic investments, he has amassed a fortune that can only be described as mind-boggling. While the exact figures may remain elusive, it is estimated that his net worth runs into billions of dollars.

Mehta’s wealth stems from his expertise in the world of finance and stock market manipulation. He was known for exploiting loopholes in the system to drive up stock prices artificially and then selling them at exorbitant profits. This practice, although controversial, catapulted him into immense wealth within a relatively short period.

How did aatur harshad mehta make his money?


Aatur Harshad Mehta, a prominent figure in the Indian financial world, made his money through his remarkable career as a stockbroker and investor. His rise to fame came during the late 1980s and early 1990s when he engaged in various illegal activities that led to one of India’s biggest financial scams.

Mehta’s success can be attributed to his ability to manipulate the stock market. He was known for practicing a technique called “circular trading,” where he would buy stocks at low prices from one broker and then sell them at higher prices to another broker, creating an artificial demand and driving up the stock prices. This allowed him to make huge profits within a short period.

His investments were not limited to just stocks; Mehta also ventured into real estate and art collections. He owned several properties across Mumbai and indulged in purchasing valuable artworks from renowned artists.

What are some of Aatur Harshad Mehta’s investments?

Aatur harshad mehta, one of the most famous and influential figures in Indian finance, has made a name for himself through his astute investment strategies. Known as the “Big Bull,” Mehta’s investments have been nothing short of impressive.

One of his notable investments was in the stock market. Mehta had a deep understanding of how different sectors performed and would strategically invest in undervalued stocks with high growth potential. His ability to identify such opportunities allowed him to make substantial profits.

Mehta also ventured into real estate investments. He acquired prime properties across major cities in India, capitalizing on their appreciation over time. His shrewdness in selecting lucrative locations played a significant role in multiplying his wealth.

Apart from stocks and real estate, Mehta diversified his portfolio by investing heavily in commodities like gold and silver. He recognized that these assets held intrinsic value and were likely to generate stable returns over time.

What is aatur harshad mehta’s lifestyle like?


Aatur Harshad Mehta, the famed Indian stockbroker and scamster, led a lifestyle that was nothing short of extravagant. Known as the “Big Bull” of the Bombay Stock Exchange in the 1990s, Mehta’s net worth afforded him a life filled with opulence.

His luxurious lifestyle included multi-million dollar mansions in Mumbai’s most exclusive neighborhoods and high-end cars like Mercedes-Benz and BMW gracing his garage. He had a taste for fine art, indulging in expensive paintings by renowned artists. Mehta also frequented elite clubs and rubbed shoulders with influential people from various industries.

Mehta’s love for fashion extended to designer suits tailored to perfection. His wardrobe was filled with tailor-made outfits from luxury brands like Armani and Versace. He enjoyed dining at lavish restaurants where he would entertain his guests with gourmet meals paired with vintage wines.

Despite his flamboyant way of living, it is important to note that Mehta’s extravagance ultimately came crashing down when he was accused of orchestrating one of India’s biggest financial scams. This scandal not only brought an end to his lavish lifestyle but also tarnished his reputation forever.


Aatur Harshad Mehta is a prominent figure in the world of finance and investment. Thanks to his lucrative activities and wise investments, his net worth is thought to be in the millions. Through his sharp business acumen and determination, he has accumulated substantial wealth over the years.

Mehta made his fortune through various means, including stock trading and real estate investments. He was known for his ability to identify lucrative opportunities in the market and capitalize on them effectively. His understanding of market trends allowed him to make calculated risks that often paid off handsomely.

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