Prince William’s Water Adventure: A Dragon Boat Race in Singapore

Prince William’s Dragon Boat Victory in Singapore

In a lively morning escapade, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, won the hearts of onlookers as he participated in a dragon boat race during his second day of the Singapore tour.

Dressed in a black cap and a white polo shirt, the Prince showcased his natural paddling talent and camaraderie on the waters of the Marina Reservoir.

A Natural on the Water

Prince William’s dragon boat adventure was met with admiration as he effortlessly navigated the 22-seater boat along with locals, British expatriates residing in Singapore, and representatives from across the Commonwealth. Witnesses marveled at how he ‘didn’t miss a stroke,’ revealing his innate aptitude for the sport.

“I Love Sports”

When asked about his experience, the Prince expressed his enthusiasm for sports and revealed that he followed ‘the key man in front of me,’ referring to the boat’s captain.

He humorously admitted to being ‘terrified’ that an errant paddle stroke might cause a disruption. Prince William also commended the boat’s drummer, noting the rhythm’s excellence.

Enjoyable Participation

After the race, Prince William graciously thanked the mixed-gender crew, representing 14 nationalities, including eight Commonwealth nations. He conveyed his enjoyment of the race, appreciating the camaraderie and competition that dragon boat racing offered.

Supportive Engagement

Captain of the team, Chris Bosher, commended Prince William’s engagement, stating that he was ‘super engaged’ throughout the event.

The Prince expressed his desire for the team’s victory and even inquired about their race calendar. His down-to-earth demeanor and interest in the sport left a positive impression on the crew.

Earthshot Prize Visit

Prince William’s visit to Singapore coincides with the third annual Earthshot Prize ceremony, aimed at recognizing innovative solutions to address environmental challenges.

Five category winners will receive £1 million each to support their environmental initiatives.

Dragon Boat Racing Tradition

Dragon boat racing has a rich history dating back nearly 2,000 years and has evolved into a modern international sport. In Singapore, it is a popular pastime with numerous expat teams representing various nations, including the UK.

Meeting High Commissioners

Upon returning to land, Prince William met with several High Commissioners, including the Australian High Commissioner to Singapore, Canadian High Commissioner, New Zealand High Commissioner, and Papua New Guinean High Commissioner.

A Familiar Sport

This was not Prince William’s first encounter with dragon boat racing, as he previously competed with the then-Duchess of Cambridge during their tour of Canada in 2011. In that race, he led his team to victory, crossing the finish line ahead of the Duchess’s team.

Warm Welcome in Singapore

Prince William’s visit to Southeast Asia has been met with a warm welcome. Upon his arrival at Changi Airport, he received cheers from the crowd at Jewel, a nature-themed complex.

During a walkabout at the Shiseido Forest Valley, an indoor garden in Jewel, he interacted with Singaporeans, received gifts, handshakes, and posed for selfies, creating memorable moments during his tour.

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