A pregnant Smothered actress asks her husband to prioritize their time over her mother, who feeds him chocolate by hand and plans to match her dentures to his teeth for a matching smile.

Pregnant Wife’s Plea for Attention

In a clip from TLC’s ‘Smothered,’ a pregnant woman named DeLeesa finds herself vying for her husband Trevor’s attention.

While she’s left alone, Trevor spends extensive time with her mother, India, engaging in activities like bingo. This closeness between her husband and mother disturbs DeLeesa, who feels sidelined and neglected.

Tension and Discomfort

During a bingo session, DeLeesa, via FaceTime, urges Trevor to come home.

However, India, her mother, dismisses her daughter’s request, even feeding Trevor chocolate directly as DeLeesa watches in dismay.

DeLeesa voices her discomfort at the situation, but her concerns are met with dismissive gestures and comments from her mother.

Clash of Priorities

The conflict escalates as DeLeesa questions the hours spent at bingo, prompting a defensive response from Trevor. He minimizes the duration, aggravating the situation.

Trevor, during a confessional with India, perceives DeLeesa’s feelings as a threat to their relationship, while India attributes it to jealousy, believing everything must revolve around DeLeesa.

Strained Relationships

DeLeesa expresses her discomfort with the unusually close bond between Trevor and her mother. Their behavior, like wearing matching outfits and sharing intimate gestures, has caused strain in her marriage.

DeLeesa emphasizes her need for Trevor’s support, especially during her pregnancy, highlighting the unsettling nature of the situation.

A Decisive Ultimatum

The situation intensifies when DeLeesa faces a health scare, landing her in the hospital.

This critical moment leads her to present Trevor with an ultimatum.

The impending arrival of their child puts additional strain on their already fragile dynamic, prompting a critical juncture in their relationship.

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