A Musical Tribute and Emotional Farewell: Ronan Keating Honors His Brother at Funeral Mass

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Farewell to Ciaran Keating: A Musical Tribute and Emotional Farewell


In a heartfelt tribute, Ronan Keating performed a musical tribute to his late brother, Ciaran Keating, during his funeral mass.

The former Boyzone star sang “This is Your Song” towards the end of the service, accompanied by the lyrics, “You were our friend, Walk with you till the end, And one day we’ll all sing along, ‘Cause this is your song.”

The song holds deep personal meaning for Ronan, as it was written after the passing of their mother, Marie, in 1998.


Ciaran tragically died in a car accident in Co Mayo, leaving his wife Annemarie injured.

Ronan Keating’s touching tribute through music reflects the emotional bond between him and his brother.

The choice of “This is Your Song” not only pays homage to Ciaran but also draws on the family’s shared experiences of loss and remembrance.

Ciaran is survived by his three children, Conall, Ruairi, and Aisling, as well as his grandchildren, Bobbi May, Reggie, Archie T., and Sonnie.

Before his performance, Ronan expressed how proud Ciaran’s children had made their father.


He commended Ciaran and Annemarie for raising three remarkable individuals, highlighting their strength during this difficult time.

Ronan shared, “This song was written 25 years ago when we lost our mum.

I shouldn’t be singing it in these circumstances, but we are and we will.”

Ronan’s heartfelt words not only honor his brother’s role as a father but also acknowledge the shared grief experienced by the family.

The connection between losing their mother and now their brother creates a powerful emotional thread that binds them together.


Mourners at the funeral included members of Cork City FC, where Ciaran’s son Ruairi plays, and representatives of the Marie Keating Foundation, a cancer charity established in memory of Ciaran and Ronan’s mother.

During the funeral, Gerry Keating, Ciaran and Ronan’s father, shared memories of Ciaran’s childhood, his passion for football during his teenage years, and his love for Annemarie.

Ronan stood by his father’s side, offering support during the emotional moments.

Gerry Keating’s recollections paint a picture of Ciaran’s life and the impact he had on those around him.

The presence of Ronan by his father’s side highlights the close-knit bond within the Keating family and their unity during times of loss.


Ciaran’s son, Conall Keating, delivered a poignant eulogy, acknowledging the presence of his mother and grandmother in spirit.

He expressed the profound impact of losing his beloved father, stating that their lives had been forever changed and their hearts shattered.

Conall spoke of the future plans they had envisioned with their father, highlighting the desire for him to be present in their lives for much longer.

The dreams of attending an F1 race together, learning to build a deck, and being the best man at Ruairi’s wedding were now shattered.

Conall’s eulogy captures the profound loss experienced by the family and their shattered dreams of shared experiences.


The emotional weight of his words conveys the deep love and respect he held for his father.

Father Mattie Long conducted the funeral service at St Patrick’s Church in Louisburgh, Mayo.

In his address, he acknowledged the void left by Ciaran’s sudden and tragic departure, extending sympathy to the grieving family and community.

The service included a touching rendition of “Amazing Grace” performed by Josh Keating, and items representing Ciaran’s life were brought to the altar.

Father Long’s words acknowledge the collective grief felt by the community and the emptiness left by Ciaran’s absence.


The symbolic items presented at the altar reflect the diverse aspects of Ciaran’s life, honoring his individuality and the cherished memories he leaves behind.

In this somber farewell, the Keating family bids farewell to Ciaran, celebrating his life and mourning his untimely passing.

The support and love shared among family, friends, and the community provide solace in the face of overwhelming grief.

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