A Cheesy Surprise: M&S Customer Discovers Mislabelled Morrisons Edam

A Cheesy Surprise: M&S Customer Discovers Mislabelled Morrisons Edam

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Cheese Mix-Up: Morrisons Edam Found in M&S Food Aisle Raises Eyebrows


Jessica Smith, a 32-year-old marketing manager, had gone to her local M&S store in search of some “gooey, Mozzarella-style cheese.”

However, she was disappointed to find that the store had run out of Mozzarella.

Instead, she decided to opt for Edam as a substitute, hoping it would provide a similar melting texture.

While browsing through the open fridges in the shop, Jessica noticed something unusual about one of the packages of Edam cheese.

Upon closer inspection, she realized that the block of Edam was wrapped in Morrisons-labelled plastic, clearly out of place in an M&S store.

Puzzled by this discovery, Jessica speculated on how the Morrisons Edam ended up in the M&S food aisle.


She initially thought that someone might have accidentally dropped it, but the chances of that happening seemed unlikely.

Furthermore, there were no Morrisons stores nearby, so she dismissed the idea of a simple mix-up between neighboring supermarkets.

Considering alternative explanations, Jessica wondered if the two cheese brands were produced in the same factory and a packaging error had occurred during delivery, causing the Morrisons Edam to end up in the wrong place.

Although Jessica was in a hurry and didn’t bring the mistake to the attention of any staff members, she couldn’t help but wonder if anyone else had noticed the misplaced cheese in the M&S store.

An M&S spokesperson humorously responded to the incident, stating, “This cheese shouldn’t brie there but the gouda thing is, it’s now been sorted.

We’re grateful to the customer for letting us know.


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