A Catholic Priest And A Parishioner Join Forces To Save Ukrainian Orphans 

A married, father-of-seven Ukrainian Catholic priest recently accompanied one of his parishioners on a trip to Ukraine, where they rescued 22 orphans.

.Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Catholic Church in Wheeling, West Virginia, are both led by Father Jason Charron. He had assisted a couple from his parish, Alan and Anita Sherwood, in adopting a daughter from Ukraine a few weeks before the violence began in Ukraine.

In an interview with EWTN News Nightly Charron explained, “My wife knows people back in Ukraine. So we put them in touch with some people back in the homeland, so to speak.”

They eventually brought a little girl over for a home visit. Charron said, “She stole not only their hearts, but the hearts of everyone in my parish.”

“After about four or five weeks of the visit, at the end of it, Alan said to this beautiful little angel, ‘If anything bad ever happens, if you’re ever in danger, I’ll come and I’ll rescue you,’” he related.

Little did he know that weeks later Ukrainians would be fleeing the country as Russian forces invaded. The same day the conflict began, Alan rushed to the church to tell Charron that he had to go to Ukraine. The two flew to Poland, where a taxi drove them to the border.

“As you get close to the border, you’re walking across, you see this sea of humanity, just as far as the eye can see, of people lining up to get out,” Charron detailed. “You kind of get that feeling in your stomach, like, ‘how am I ever going to get out of here?’ Once I cross this border I don’t know what awaits me.’”

The two made their way to the orphanage after crossing the border and were able to get the orphans to safety in Lithuania.

Charron went on to say how fortunate Ukraine is to have Poland as a neighbor. “Right now, Catholic Poland is alive,” he remarked. “The way they handle their widows and orphans is the meter of their ardour.” This is evident in James’ first chapter. That is the true test of religion. If you look after widows and orphans,” says the narrator.

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