A Beautiful Partnership: Jaden Smith’s Vision for Sustainable Collaboration with Formula E

A Beautiful Partnership: Jaden Smith’s Vision for Sustainable Collaboration with Formula E

Jaden Smith’s Aspiration to Collaborate with Greta Thunberg: A Shared Passion for Environmental Advocacy


Jaden Smith, the 25-year-old US rapper and actor, expressed his admiration for Greta Thunberg and his desire to work together on environmental initiatives.

Back in 2019, Jaden performed before Greta addressed a global climate strike march in New York City.

He praised her “passion,” “education,” and “fearlessness” in fearlessly speaking up for environmental causes and challenging adults to confront the truth.

Jaden Smith’s Journey Towards Sustainability


Jaden’s commitment to sustainability was ignited during his schooling when he learned about the harm being done to the oceans and the environment.

This realization led him to establish several companies with a focus on sustainable practices, including initiatives related to bottled water and eco-friendly suitcases.

Electric Vehicles and Formula E Racing: A Driving Force for Change

Apart from his sustainable ventures, Jaden has also become deeply passionate about electric cars and Formula E racing.

He firmly believes that electric vehicles will outshine other forms of motor racing, such as Formula One, and can offer an equally exciting and culturally significant experience.


During a conversation at the British E-Prix, Jaden emphasized the potential of electric cars, expressing that they can be just as thrilling as traditional vehicles.

He highlighted that electric cars are not only better for the environment but also produce significantly less noise pollution, making them a more pleasant experience for drivers and bystanders alike.

A Vision of the Future and a Beautiful Partnership

Jaden was thrilled to participate in the Formula E event, driving a Gen3 race car around the track and being captivated by the experience.

He saw it as a perfect alignment of his beliefs and values, as the race was dedicated to pushing the sustainability of electric cars and renewable energy sources.


The rapper also has plans to integrate Formula E cars into his creative projects.

Having already featured an electric car in a music video and suspended one on stage during a performance at Coachella, he is eager to continue promoting the potential and beauty of sustainable transportation.

For Jaden, the collaboration with Formula E represents an opportunity for life-changing experiences, benefiting countless individuals worldwide.

The continuous advancements and learnings from developing electric cars have the potential to revolutionize the future of transportation and pave the way towards a more sustainable world.

In Conclusion


Jaden Smith’s admiration for Greta Thunberg and his dedication to sustainability showcase his profound commitment to environmental causes.

Through his various endeavors, from advocating for electric vehicles to collaborating with Formula E, he is striving to accelerate positive change and inspire others to embrace sustainability for a better future.

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