A 1.7 magnitude earthquake hits Queens, followed by tremors and blasts on Roosevelt Island, New York

Unusual Earthquake Hits Astoria, Queens

New York City experienced an unexpected event on Tuesday as a 1.7 magnitude earthquake struck the Astoria neighborhood of Queens.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) confirmed the occurrence, which left residents perplexed due to the unusual nature of seismic activity in the region.

The incident was reported by Bethan Sexton for Dailymail.com on January 2, 2024.

Magnitude 1.7 Earthquake Rattles Astoria

The USGS Earthquake Information Center identified the epicenter of the earthquake in Astoria, Queens, categorizing the tremor as ‘weak.’

The seismic activity commenced at 10:45 AM, reaching a depth of 5 kilometers. Despite its relatively low magnitude, the event triggered a significant response from both residents and emergency services.

Residents Report Three Booms and Shakes

Residents on Roosevelt Island, part of the Big Apple, reported experiencing ‘three booms and shakes’ early Tuesday morning.

The unsettling vibrations prompted a heightened state of alert, leading to the initiation of major emergency response protocols by the fire department.

No immediate damage or injuries were reported, according to Notify NYC.

Emergency Response Protocol Initiated

The fire department responded to reports of an explosion and building shaking in the 580 block of Main Street, south of the Roosevelt Island Bridge & Tram, just before 6 AM.

The intensity of the reported explosion led to a swift deployment of emergency crews.

The situation was described as puzzling, with authorities working to understand the cause of the tremors.

Witness Accounts and Impact on Residents

Residents on Roosevelt Island shared their experiences, noting that the vibrations were powerful enough to wake them up.

One resident mentioned feeling as if ‘a truck had plowed into our building’ due to the fierce explosion.

Another described the event as ‘loud booms and a shake,’ expressing lingering fear from the unexpected occurrence. Despite the initial shock, there were no reports of damage or injuries in New York City.

In conclusion, the unusual earthquake in Astoria, Queens, created a stir among residents and emergency responders, highlighting the importance of preparedness in regions not commonly associated with seismic activity.

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