6 Ways to Teach Children Good Dental Habits

6 Ways to Teach Children Good Dental Habits

Children need good dental habits as they are at a critical point in their lives where they are forming the foundation for their adult dental health, and it’s essential to start them off on the right foot. Here are six ways you can help your child develop good dental habits:

1. Lead by Example

Be a model. The best way to teach your child good dental habits is to model them yourself. If you want your child to brush their teeth every night before bed, make sure you do the same. If you want your child to brush their teeth twice a day, do it yourself. Make sure they see that you’re doing it too.

2. Teach Them That Oral Hygiene Is Linked to Overall Health

Most people don’t know why they need to take their oral hygiene seriously. Did you know that some illnesses are linked to dental decay? According to the WebMD, oral health has been linked to diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Talk to them about the importance of oral health. Explain the connection between healthy teeth and overall health, and tell them how important it is for them to take care of their teeth now so they won’t have problems later on in life.

3. Set Goals for Your Child to Build Good Dental Habits

Developing oral health habits in children begins from a young age. You can set goals for your child, such as brushing twice a day, to reinforce healthy habits. You can achieve these goals by offering rewards, such as extra playtime before bed or a movie.

Even though the rewards can be fun, they should not include foods damaging teeth. To encourage better oral health habits, set rewards based on your child’s achievements and make them a regular part of their life.

4. Reward Your Child for Brushing Their Own Teeth

Rewarding your child for brushing their teeth is essential for good oral hygiene. This will not only help them develop motor skills but will also teach them proper oral hygiene. You can give those treats or praises after brushing their teeth.

When your child brushes their teeth correctly, please pay attention to any areas they may have missed. If they brush their teeth correctly, they will be more likely to do it again.

Another way to reward your child for brushing their teeth well is by giving them stickers. These stickers can be a great motivational tool for your child. Another method is to give your child a treat – this can be as simple as a trip to the park.

Of course, you should not reward your child with candy or other sweets as these are bad for the teeth. Rewarding your child for brushing their teeth is an excellent way to set the stage for successful oral hygiene.

5. Use Products to Help Your Child Stick to a Routine

A high-tech toothbrush can make the process fun, especially if your child has a favorite cartoon character on it. An electric toothbrush with music or a built-in timer is also helpful, as can a water flosser.

Choose kid-friendly toothpaste with the flavor your child likes to make the process less time-consuming. Use a low-tech timer for other household chores, such as taking a bath. If you have young teens who have Invisalign braces, you will need to consult your dentist on what dental cleaning products will best suit them.

6. Encourage Their Independence

Some children might not want their parents watching over them while they brush their teeth, making it difficult for parents to know whether or not their child is brushing their teeth. If this is the case with your child, try purchasing an electric toothbrush that can be used with or without supervision—this way, your child can learn how to properly brush their teeth without feeling like they have someone looking over their shoulder.

The Earlier You Start Teaching Them, The Better!

The minute they can hold their toothbrush is when the life lessons begin. Today’s youth are much more technology-oriented than previous generations; instead of convincing your child to brush their teeth, you can show them how and let the technology do all the work. The reminders will come at different times throughout the day, and they’ll have no excuse not to brush. And because so many of these apps are free or meager cost, there’s no reason not to give one a try.

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