5 Ways To Improve Mental Health

5 Ways To Improve Mental Health

Many workers’ mental health has declined due to the global pandemic. Worry, stress, and burnout are frequent causes of these issues in the workplace, in addition to dealing with personal problems. Study shows that one in five people in the US has a mental disease, yet less than half receive treatment. According to the Mental Health in the Workplace Summit, on the other hand, mental health problems are more common than accidents or illnesses as the reason people miss work.

These figures demonstrate the need for businesses to foster a work environment that supports employees’ mental health. While many organizations are now making mental health benefits a must rather than a reward, others still get their heads around this idea. But with the appropriate mindset, recognizing what you can do to deliver programs for your employees can be easy.

Establish a Healthy Workplace Culture

A supportive and healthy workplace culture substantially impacts the mental wellness of your employees. Since numerous stigmas are still associated with mental health, many workers are reluctant to discuss their struggles. Because of this, leaders must establish and maintain a support system that will give their workers a sense of security and personal and professional belonging.

You can start by offering tools to enable your staff to have open conversations about mental health. For instance, you can provide counseling reimbursement benefits, set up social gatherings so team members may get to know one another, or build a portal where staff members can contact HR if they need assistance. It might also be as straightforward as being permitted to take a walk to unplug for a while or to take paid time off to consult a counselor. By doing so, you support the elimination of the stigma associated with mental illness while also assisting your staff in being readily engaged and effective in their jobs.

Pose Flexible Scheduling Options

Lack of work-life balance is one of the primary causes of employees’ mental tiredness and burnout. Flexibility can improve productivity and job satisfaction while lowering stress. Examples of workplace flexibility include:

Extended breaks.
Available PTO policies.
Flexible start and finish times.
The option for staff members to work a few days each week remotely.

Parents, especially working mothers, are vulnerable to a lack of work-life balance because there aren’t many companies supporting parental leave policies, making it difficult for a new parent to take time off work and tend to their child. As an employer, you must create an inclusive parental leave policy to help your employees take that much-needed break to care for their little ones while supporting their financial well-being.

Take inspiration from Netflix, where they allow parents to take four to eight months of leave. They also provide “family forming” benefits to help potential parents with surrogacy, fertility, and adoption. On the other hand, Microsoft offers 20 weeks of paid leave for the parent giving birth. Families that are adopting or fostering children are given 12 weeks. They also provide support for adoption, child care, and backup care.

If a corporation is willing to build relationships with its employees, it may create an environment where individuals are inspired to bring their best selves to work.

Provide Mental Health Services

The way a corporation allocates its resources and makes its investments reveals its objectives. Many businesses are hesitant to invest in mental health services because they do not see a return on their investment. Still, because of their employee’s personal and professional problems, the quality of their job suffers. More crucially, a company’s failure to discuss mental illness in the workplace promotes an atmosphere of mistrust and dread.

Consider offering fun team-building activities, interactive webinars, discounts on massages, free video talks with mental health professionals, or even free access to on-site mental health counselors. As a result, your business will experience real benefits like lower absenteeism and more production. Additionally, it could promote a positive workplace atmosphere and draw in top talent.

Educate Leaders About Mental Health

Executive education on the importance of workplace mental health should be a top priority. After all, the more informed leaders are, the better it is for the employees and the business. They set the bar for what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. That’s why it is crucial to activating them to prevent the risk of increased turnover.

Provide leaders with mental health education so they can spot symptoms of mental illness, excessive stress, bullying, and exhaustion at work. Additionally, students must be aware of several channels for discussing mental health with staff members. Employees will be hesitant to share sensitive information if leaders do not promote a welcoming working culture.

Be a Role Model

Just saying you support mental health is insufficient. For your team members to feel comfortable prioritizing self-care and setting boundaries, it would be ideal if you also provided healthy behavior role models. Use your paid time off for vacation, turn off your camera in meetings, and avoid returning calls and texts from work numbers after your shift. In this approach, you demonstrate to your staff the importance of prioritizing their mental health and the value of taking periodic breaks.

Bottom Line 

Whether they arise at work or elsewhere, mental health problems are unavoidable. However, if leaders begin with kindness, empathy, and openness, you will not only improve your employees’ current attitudes but also have a long-lasting good effect on your business.

While going through difficult times is OK, talking about your anxieties and worries is also acceptable (and encouraged). It’s essential to remember that while you can reduce burnout and stress at work, you cannot completely eradicate it.

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