5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Sports Sunglasses

If you’re an athlete, you’re probably looking for prescription sunglasses that you can leverage during sports activities. Sunglasses should improve your eyesight and safeguard your eyes while exercising or playing sports. Because of the intense movement during exercise or sports, athletes prefer lightweight eyewear that doesn’t bounce, rub, or slide down. 

You need to consider a lot when purchasing protective sunglasses for sports. Start by understanding the key aspects you need to look out for when purchasing sunglasses. Each sport has unique requirements; therefore, not all sunglasses suit all sporting activities. This article highlights crucial aspects of why it’s essential to buy sports sunglasses. 

You will understand why it’s highly encouraged to be careful when choosing prescription sunglasses and how to determine the type of protective eyewear ideal for the sport you play. Here are the top tips you need to know when selecting sports sunglasses!

  1. Consider Buying Lightweight Frames and Lenses

Imagine you are playing your favorite sport and feel like the eyewear is becoming too heavy for your liking. This can be frustrating, as it will make you less motivated.

This is an awful feeling to endure when playing your favorite sport. Most people will resolve not to wear cumbersome eyewear instead of enduring the feeling and having it interfere with their activities. However, there is a downside to not wearing prescription sports sunglasses when playing sports.

Unlike casual or lifestyle sunglasses, 99% of sports sunglasses use lighter but more durable materials. Several materials are available today that make lenses and frames lighter. Some of the most common ones are Grilamid TR90 and polycarbonate material. 

Grilamid TR90 is a cutting-edge thermoplastic polymer, and it’s naturally lighter and more resilient than acetate and other plastics. Also, polycarbonate is an ideal material since it’s not only more lightweight than other materials but is also durable. 

Polycarbonate is an impact-resistant material, making it a safer option while buying prescription sports sunglasses online. Also, because it’s lighter than glass and less brittle, it can develop scratches more easily than high-index lenses. 

  1. Ensure You Consider the Level of Comfort the Frames Offer

Naturally, as a sportsperson, you must ensure your prescription sports sunglasses are as comfortable as possible. So the first thing is to consider the grip and degree of comfort. It gets tedious for athletes to adjust their sunglasses when playing or exercising.

Uncomfortable sunglasses would prevent you from enjoying yourself during sports. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider your degree of comfort when buying the right fit of prescription sports sunglasses online.

Before shopping for the best safety prescription sunglasses, take measurements. This will help you know the exact width, height, and length of the lens and frame while shopping. Also, remember that sunglasses are often made for men or women. And naturally, women’s frames tend to be smaller than men’s. 

However, the comfort of sports prescription sunglasses is heavily dependent on the material and design of the frame. You can consider buying lightweight sunglasses with hydrophilic nose pads or adjustable temples. 

  1. Buy Prescription Sports Sunglasses Rated For Sports Safety

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Today, various organizations assist in rating prescription sports sunglasses. Ratings are significant as they play a critical role in demonstrating the quality of the sunglasses one buys. 

Therefore, as a sportsperson, consider the sunglasses’ ratings. This helps you make a good purchase when choosing the best safety-prescription sunglasses. 

Some common bodies that help with sports eyewear safety standard ratings include ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

Getting prescription sports sunglasses with ANSI and ASTM International certification gives you confidence. You can determine that you are getting ideal, quality sunglasses for your sport. 

So if you play soccer, baseball, basketball, or racket sports, consider selecting sunglasses that adhere to the most relevant ASTM standard. 

Naturally, different sports have different rules, so you should consider checking ratings from other bodies like ANSI. This is because they’re responsible for grading basic or high-level impact protection for sports glasses. 

  1. As a Sports Person, Prioritize Ant-Fogging and Ventilated Frames

Anyone who uses prescription sunglasses considers fog a big challenge. So, it is natural for sports enthusiasts to find the fog difficult to manage during outdoor activities. Therefore, they value anti-fog lens coating as it helps to eliminate the fog issue. 

The good thing is that most prescription sunglasses leverage anti-fog lens coatings. It is a valuable addition as it helps reduce the likelihood of the lenses fogging despite temperature and moisture levels. So this will give you confidence when playing or exercising, as the fog will not obscure your vision. 

Moreover, it will be vital to consider purchasing vented frames. Most athletic sunglasses have vents at the temples or bridge to ease airflow through the frames. 

Because these frames provide airflow, they prevent sweat from accumulating around the eyes. So your eyes will remain dry, and the sports sunglasses will remain comfortable and in good condition. 

Naturally, sweat accumulation will cause frames to slide down and be less comfortable. Therefore, the vents and anti-fog coating are a perfect add-on as they help keep the sunglasses intact. 

Besides, consider having a scratch-resistant coating on your prescription sports sunglasses. This coating will help to improve clarity during vigorous activity. 

  1. Consider Complete Sunglasses Coverage

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To enjoy your sports activities, you must ensure that the sunglasses you buy protect your eyes. This is essential as it eliminates the worry of looking out for debris, UV rays, and other objects that could get into your eyes. 

You need to prioritize this aspect if you’re an athlete who may encounter wind when playing. Protecting your eyes is highly encouraged, as it ensures your eyesight is not affected. 

If you love swimming for sports, the prescription sunglasses that you buy should completely protect your eyes. Quality prescription sunglasses for swimming will protect you from having red and irritable eyes due to water in your eyes. 

Swimming with prescription sunglasses allows you to swim more comfortably and safely. This should be a priority as it will help you exercise for longer and help you be more prepared for competitions.

Take Away

If you’re looking for prescription sports sunglasses, you can consider using these pointers when buying your eyewear. It may seem easy, but finding the right eyewear can be harder. However, these tips may give you a better head start to help you pick the best sunglasses.

Source: Pexels

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