5 Things a Wage & Hour Lawyer Can Do For You

5 Things a Wage & Hour Lawyer Can Do For You

A wage & hour lawyer is an expert who specializes in matters like working hours, employment compensation, and other related legal issues. If you’re frustrated and angry at your employer who is troubling you with your wages and working hours, hiring a wage & hour lawyer is an excellent decision. They provide you with guidance on different legal matters and employee rights. 

If you’re not paid or forced to work in unfavorable conditions, it’s time to hire a wage & hour lawyers who will help you make informed decisions. This article will highlight the top 6 things a wage & hour lawyer can do for you. Let’s dive in! 

5 Things a Wage & Hour Lawyer Can Do For You

1. Know State-wise Wage and Hour Laws  

Understanding wage and hour law is complex; every state has laws people follow. Having a lawyer by your side means they will explain to you about laws in detail, ensuring you know if your rights are being violated in any way. 

2. Collect Evidences 

Evidence is the most important factor that builds a strong case as it supports your claims. A wage & hour lawyer will help you collect all this evidence or relevant documentation like pay stubs, time records, employment contracts, and communication with your employer to see if your wage and hour right is violated.  

3. Argue that You’re an Employee 

As per the wage and hour law, you are an employee even if your employer has designated you as an independent contractor. Thus, when it comes to wage and hour law, there is nearly no difference; thus, your rights are the same as a full-time employee. 

4. Tell You When You Should Be Paid 

Hiring a lawyer means they will inform you about the time you should be paid as an employer of a company. This ensures that none of your rights are being violated. 

5. Negotiation and Settlement 

At times, wage & hour claims are settled outside the courtroom through negotiation and settlement between both parties. During negotiation, your lawyer will present all your interests to your employer to settle soon. If a case goes to court, settling down may take 3-5 years. Above all, the employer might have to pay thousands of dollars to the employee to settle the case. 

Wrapping Up!

The wage and hour law is among the most practiced and violated worldwide. With the intervention of a wage & hour lawyer, you can protect your rights and make informed decisions. 



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