5 Terrible Valentine’s Day Experiences

5 Terrible Valentine’s Day Experiences

Many singles, and even those in relationships, have had horrible and embarrassing dates and gifts that they’d rather forget.
We’ve compiled a list of five horrifying Valentine’s Day dates submitted by Reddit users that will have you both laughing and wincing.
“I worked in a bar and a really attractive woman in her mid 30’s came in and sat down at around 23:00. Said she was meeting someone.
We get to chatting and really hit it off. The dude hasn’t shown up by closing time (1:00) and she asks if she can stick around ‘just in case’.
She really ramps up the flirting as I’m cleaning up and counting out the drawer, so I’m thinking this might be a pretty good Valentine’s Day.
“About 1:45, just as I’m about to suggest heading back to my place, the dude knocks on the window. She thanks me and leaves with him. THAT was a s****y Valentine’s Day”.


“The guy I liked (who knew I liked him) asked me what flowers, chocolates and stuffed toys I liked.
He was always kind of giddy and flirty about it, and asked me a week or more ahead of Valentine’s Day.
Dropping some mad hints that he wanted me to be his Valentine.
I was so excited.

“On Valentine’s Day I had to watch as he gave the gifts to my best friend (who was also his ex). Ruined Valentine’s for me.
Nearly 2 decades later and I still hate the holiday”.


“My girlfriend got random flowers from an ex boyfriend.
Turned out he was in town.
She tried to claim I had to leave for the night because her parents were coming for a surprise visit.
She was trying to cheat on me and I caught her. Update: She’s long gone”.


“Best Valentine’s Day gift.
A locket.
Worst Valentine’s Day gift.
A locket.
He handed me the one he was supposed to give to his side chick.
I got one with a photo of her and him.
She got one with him and I.


“My Valentine’s Day date showed his true colours on a romantic weekend away – paid for by his WORK after he lied to them.
“We go to a really nice restaurant for dinner, and I can’t help but notice he is THROWING the drinks back and considerably more drunk than me.
We end up in a pub, he is slurring his words and being all over me in a gross way.

“I ended up falling asleep first back at the hotel, and I wake up to bottles of wine from room service…he been drinking alone.
A fight ensued and he storms out the hotel room, but quickly comes back to tell me I was lucky he was drunk or he would be going into the town to find a girl prettier than me.

“We cut the weekend short, despite him wanting to stay another night.
Worst part – he had put the entire weekend on his company card and told them he was there for work”.

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