5 Best Free YouTube Intro Maker Apps for Exponential Growth

5 Best Free YouTube Intro Maker Apps for Exponential Growth

YouTube is a large video-sharing platform that aids brand visibility. However, considering the global competition between different YouTubers and businesses on the site, producing a basic video will not be very effective in helping you stand out. Being basic greatly limits your chances of boosting your YouTube views for free.

Knowing this, it’s smarter to channel your effort into creating more engaging YouTube videos with interesting content that will engage your audience and build their trust in you. One of the ways to achieve this begins right from the intro of your video. You need to make a YouTube intro that will capture your audience’s attention right from the beginning if you want to hook them and keep them watching.

The video intro is the first part of a YouTube video that does not last more than a few seconds; it’s very short. Simply put, the YouTube video intro is the beginning of the video, which can be created as textual visuals, moving images, a logo, etc.

If you’re not sure how to make a video intro that will captivate your audience, don’t stress. There are many YouTube Intro Maker applications available that help you create YouTube intros easily with your phone. Then, you can insert the YouTube intro into your YouTube video and upload the finished video on the platform to attract your target audience. If you do it right, your YouTube intro video will encourage your audience to continue watching your videos and appeal to their emotions.

Are you interested in video creation and video teaser editing? Or are you a YouTuber or Business owner looking to increase your video content viewers and subscribers for your accounts and channels? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then this article will be beneficial for you. Here we’re going to share the five best, free YouTube intro maker apps and their features that will help you to create attractive and professional video intros, targeted to your preferred viewership.

Free YouTube Intro Maker App Features

Understanding the features of a free YouTube intro maker app is essential for producing outstanding videos for your YouTube channel. YouTube intro makers help users to create introductions that give their viewers a general idea of the video’s content. It builds anticipation of what to expect from the video and delivers a professional and attractive video preview.

In addition, it allows users to make customized intros and outros that introduce each clip or segment within a video, making it easier to navigate between topics.

Knowing how to use these features not only allows you to create more engaging video content but also ensures that you have mastered the necessary skills you need if you ever have to work on bigger projects with larger budgets.

Having this knowledge will make you confident in creating compelling content while expanding your portfolio with professional-level work! In the following sections of this article, we’ll discuss the five best YouTube intro makers you can leverage to achieve this competence.

But before that, let’s take a quick look at some of the common features they share.

Video Template

There are over 40,000 YouTube intro template options and customizable templates available for making intros in free intro maker apps.

Different Formats

You can select your desired format on these intro makers from 4000+ different formats. You also have over 120 font styles and text layouts to add to your video intros.

Various Designs

On every free intro maker, there are various designs available for you to choose from; they include Game, Music, Marketing Strategy, Birthday, and more.

Maybe you want to make an intro for your birthday teaser or make one for your business; In this case, we must say that in this application, there are ready-made designs and topics that you can easily use.

Intro Animation

Many YouTube intro videos contain intro animations, so, it’s only right that free intro makers for YouTube also have this feature. Free video intro makers contain diverse animation categories like Cartoon, Nostalgic, 3D, Funny, etc.

Edit YouTube Intro Video at Any Stage

Sometimes, you may need to edit parts of your video but you already moved to the next stage. Don’t worry about having to start the editing process from the beginning. These YouTube intro apps allow you to make edits at any stage you are in your video editing and photo effects process.

Auto Save

Worried about losing your progress because you didn’t save it? Good news. You don’t have to manually save your video edits because these applications have automatic saving abilities.

Add Music and More

You get 100+ music files to use in the intro maker for YouTube, and 120+ free-to-use sound effects, making your work much easier when editing YouTube intro videos.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, other features you can find include color scheme(s), sticker and emoji collections, and logo animations to help you create fantastic intro videos for your YouTube channel.

Top 5 Video Intro Makers


If you are looking for a free professional intro maker to help you create quality intro videos, you should download Filmora9 to your computer. You can take advantage of the application’s watermark feature to brand your intros for YouTube. However, note that you must read the intro maker’s guide before you use it.


Biteable is a YouTube intro maker capable of making professional intro videos from scratch. The YouTube intro videos you make are processed with studio quality, so they come out looking professional. You also have access to 800,000+ clips in this application that will help you personalize your video.

On the free version of this app, you can only create 10 watermarked videos. When you switch to a paid plan, the watermark restriction is removed.


Flixpress intro maker is a specialized application that allows you to create a 2-minute intro video on its free plan. This online software has multi-layer formats and the ability to support three-dimensional objects. It also has animations, color designs, photos, and three-dimensional logos. You can also access royalty-free videos in its library.


This easy-to-use tool is great for beginners with its numerous customization options. In this software, you can choose the template you want from the many available external and internal templates. Then, finish your work by adding animation and changing or adding background and objects.


Panzoid is an app that allows you to create and edit your intro videos by choosing from templates that have been posted by a huge community of designers. If you’re a beginner to editing, it’s best to read the tool’s guide before you begin. You may also have to upload any materials you need to the intro maker so you can customize your intro as you like.

Choosing the Most Suitable Intro Video Maker

To choose the most suitable intro video maker, go through the options to see which one aligns best with your needs. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to go with a video intro maker that’s designed for new YouTube editors, so that you can find your way around easily.

It is up to you to decide what your YouTube intro video should look like or what you want to write in it. With the help of these free YouTube intro maker programs, you can create very attractive intros for your videos. These applications also come with thousands of music files, image formats, stickers, YouTube intro templates, logos, etc., that can help you create a professional-looking YouTube intro video.

Export Your Intro Video and Share It on YouTube

If your YouTube video is good enough, you need to export it for sharing. Once you’ve made the final edit, set your video to export in 1080 px (best video quality) and hit “Export!” You can also upload the clip to Youtube and save it for future use.

Limitations of Free YouTube Intro Video Maker

Although free software has many capabilities for making amazing intro videos, they are not suitable for professional use due to certain limitations, such as watermarking and branding. You can create professional intro videos without limitations, by choosing to use the apps’ premium plans, which are quite affordable.

The advantages of using intro video maker tools for video editing include speed adjustment, support for HD resolution, various effects, formats, etc. The disadvantages include the need for more sound settings, the inability to add remarks and brands, the inability to record video, the inability to convert video files to audio files, etc.

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