Eagles vs. 49ers Rematch Intensifies: Greenlaw’s Ejection and Sideline Drama

In a dramatic turn of events during the Eagles vs. 49ers rematch, tensions soared as San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw was ejected for a heated altercation with Eagles’ head of security, Dom DiSandro.

The Incident Unfolds:

Midway through the third quarter, with the 49ers leading 21-6, a clash erupted after Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts completed a crucial pass to DeVonta Smith. Greenlaw, in an attempt to tackle Smith, found himself entangled with DiSandro, also known as ‘Big Dom’ to Eagles fans.

The Confrontation:

As Greenlaw popped up, he reached over two officials, delivering a closed-fist touch to DiSandro’s face. The consequence was immediate – Greenlaw was ejected from the game. DiSandro, a constant presence on the Eagles’ sideline, received a roaring ovation from fans as he left the field.

Coach Involvement:

Before Greenlaw’s ejection, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni engaged in a lengthy discussion with officials, pleading for the defensive player’s removal.

The call prompted Niners coach Kyle Shanahan’s visible anger, storming onto the field and vehemently expressing his discontent with the referees.

Greenlaw’s History and Game Outcome:

Prior to his ejection, Greenlaw had led the Niners in tackles with seven. Known for drawing unnecessary roughness penalties, this incident added to his season’s count.

Despite the drama, the Niners emerged victorious with a 42-19 win, closing the gap to one game behind the Eagles’ 10-2 record.


The NFC showdown, fueled by the clash between Greenlaw and Eagles’ security, added a memorable chapter to the rivalry, leaving fans buzzing about the intense rematch at Lincoln Financial Field.

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