2021 WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers

2021 WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers



WAEC Data Processing Essay Answers 2021

A function is a predefine formula that perform calculates using specific value in orderly manner

(i)Date and time
(ii)Statistics and test

A cell referencing in Excel refers to the value of a different cell or cell range on the current worksheet or a different worksheet within the spreadsheet.


(i)Relative. =A1+B1


Photocopy machine
Computer system

(i)Ms Excel
(ii)Ms word

Press Ctrl + , (comma) while nothing is selected (i.e select Pick tool and click on blank place and then press CTRL+, and then you have permanetly set up default angle to “0”).

Align Right: R.
Align Left: L.
Align Center Vertically: C.
Align Center Horizontally: E.

Hold down the Ctrl + Home keys together as following screenshot shown, the cursor will be jump to the cell A1 from anywhere of the worksheet.

It tells google or any search engine to find the exact format

(I)Easy to access
(II)Easy it to retrieve
(lII)efficient maintenance

(I)Financial difficulties
(II)spellings and handwriting skills
(II)technical problem

(i)It warms you up: Air conditioning is useful over the winter months too, it cools you down in the summer but multi-function systems keep you warmer during the cold snaps as well.

(ii)It improves air quality: Run air conditioning systems and they filter particles from the air which can harmful to human health.

WAEC Data Processing 2021 Questions and answers

(i)To Prevent Loss of Data
(ii)To Save Time and peace of mind

The steps the secretary would take to displace the number for f words
– He would go to menu bar
– Click on reference
– Then click on view menu
– Then click on document summary
– This would display number of words lines of text number of pages and number of paragraphs

– The secretary will open the two documents
– The secretary will click on the menu bar
– The point to view with the mouse pointer
– Then click on cascade the windows
– The two windows will display simultaneously

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