10 fruits and vegetable men should have for a major abdominal disorder

10 fruits and vegetable men should have for a major abdominal disorder

Having stomach disorders is not that much of a rare problem. most of us may have had instances with our abdomen at some point in our lives. 

Commonly we all suffer from indigestion, vomiting, bloating, gas, acidity, and so on. Of course, having medicines is one of the easier ways of cure. But in case someone is having long-term disorders and facing such issues daily or more frequently that is when you will need to adapt to a few changes in your life. 

To bring about changes and avoid severe complexities arising out of a major abdominal disorder like having pills such as Vidalista 60 you will have to ensure taking certain steps to change your diet.
According to food experts intake of some food items in your diet that include a combination of fruits and vegetables would be highly recommended that will ultimately help you with getting a cure for all these disorders. 

In case you are wondering which fruit and vegetables can help you to find a cure for your abdominal disorder problem we have come up with a list for you. 

Let’s begin…

Fruits for men


Ginger is good for intake as it can help in preventing nausea and vomiting. Ginger is the root of a plant that can be used as a remedial procedure for your abdominal disorder conditions. Ginger whether you have a slice of it in the raw form or mix it with your vegetable curries is good for your health. 

You may not know but ginger can also help you to find a cure for motion sickness. Of course, motion sickness can bring in changes such as vomiting and nausea. Remember that intake has to be done in small quantities. Too much intake of it can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, and heartburn. 


Chamomile is a type of herbal plant that comes with lots of remedies for different abdominal disorders. it can help you to find relief from intestinal disorders and also relieve you from vomiting tendencies. 

You can take it raw by drying it and mix a few flowers of it with your daily cup of morning tea. Or else you can take any supplement available in the market that contains chamomile. 

The use of chamomile as a means of various intestinal disorders, gas, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, can be traced from many many years ago. 

But scientifically there are very few scientific research papers to confirm anything concrete on this. 

Generally, it contains many good antioxidants in it and thus it can prevent abdominal disorders which are also good for patients who are using pills such as Vidalista Black 80.


The irritable bowel syndrome which can come up with symptoms such as stomach pain, indigestion, bloating, and diarrhea are some the examples where peppermint can come to your help. 

Doctors many a time will recommend the use of peppermint oil capsules that will help you to prevent various types of abdominal disorders such as the ones we gave above. 

According to some research done in this field, scientists believe that taking peppermint can help you with relaxing the muscles in your stomach and reducing the cramps in your intestine tissues that symptoms such as diarrhea along with pain in the abdomen. 


Licorice is suggested for those who are having abdominal issues such as indigestion and stomach ulcers. 

Licorice is a type of root and in reality, the way you need to consume it is to take a whole. But taking it whole in raw form can come up with other complex situations. One of the common types of supplements to have is deglycyrrhizinated licorice which in simple terms is known as DGL.

DGL is a substance that is known for its anti-inflammation properties. it helps you to prevent the internal linings of your stomach by triggering extra mucus to form. 

Along with this, it can also help relieve stomach pain and indigestion. Overall with such benefits, people who are using Fildena 150 pills may use it as well. 


Seeds are good substances as they contain good amounts of fiber, healthy fats, and loads of minerals and vitamins in them. One of the most nutritious seeds to have in your diet is flaxseeds. But did you know that these seeds also contain properties that can help you to get rid of problems relating to your abdominal disorder?

Well, indeed it is true it can help in relieving constipation problems, cure abdominal pain, and increase bowel movements. You can either have it raw along with other seeds such as pumpkin seeds or else you can take the flaxseed oil capsules or any other supplement made out of it. 

Doctors will suggest to you the way go about although intake of the raw form is better in case you can digest it because this way you will be having more nutrients.


Papaya is a fruit item that comes with many health benefits. This fruit item contains the substance papain which can help you with curing problems such as dysentery, indigestion, and bloating disorders. 

 The substance papain is a natural form of an enzyme that you can take. Papaya is also suggested by doctors for those suffering from abdominal problems such as constipation. Taking in this fruit item can prevent long-term abdominal complexities to become severe over the years and avoid you to depend on your life on the use of pills such as Cenforce 100

Green bananas

If you are having any digestive issues such as indigestion, dysentery, or constipation raw green bananas are the best food item that you can have. Of course, as they are not ripe yet you will have to cook them by usually boiling. 

Green bananas also have many other essential minerals in them such as iron, calcium, potassium, etc. 


It is one of the best dairy item supplements for people who are having any sort of digestive or abdominal issues. It contains healthy proteins, low calories, and essential vitamins and minerals in it. Have a small bowl of it each day after your meal to get over problems such as indigestion, gas, and dysentery. 


Kefir is a good food item to add to your diet in case you are having severe constipation issues. It is advisable that during this situation you take at least  500ml of the substance daily.


Buttermilk may be a little bit heavy for your diet but it is quite helpful for you to find relief in conditions such as diarrhea and constipation. Generally have small amounts of it as it is also rich in fats and carbs which can make you obese and gain weight.