10 Football Related Movies and Shows on Disney Plus 2023 – For Football Lovers

…By Ellen Rey for TDPel Media. For fans of the football game, Disney Plus has a superb variety of films and television programmers that perfectly reflect the spirit, drama, and thrill of the game. This streaming service offers plenty for every football fan, no matter how devoted they are or how new they are to the game. For getting access to Disney Plus in Australia, use a robust VPN service.


 This article will examine ten football-related films and television programs accessible on Disney Plus in 2023. Prepare to get absorbed into the football world, from heartwarming genuine tales to gripping fictional tales.

Remember the Titans

A great sports movie called “Remember the Titans” centers on the real-life events of the Virginia T.C. Williams High School football squad in 1971. The film stars Denzel Washington and explores the team’s path as they overcome racial discrimination and internal conflicts to come together and excel on the football pitch. This endearing movie honors the value of perseverance, teamwork, and conquering hardship.


In the motivational true story “Safety,” devoted Clemson University football player Ray McElrathbey encounters unforeseen difficulties when his mother struggles with addiction and his younger brother Fahmarr requires a secure environment. As Ray balances the responsibilities of college and athletics and becomes his sibling’s official guardian, he defeats all obstacles in his quest to preserve his family. Ray’s daring path symbolizes the strength of love, giving up, and the constant search for protection for those we hold dear because of his unbreakable resiliency and the support of his colleagues and community.


The thrilling series Goal follows the life of adolescent Mexican-American immigrant Santiago Munez, who wants to play football professionally. From his modest origins to playing for prestigious teams in football, the films track Santiago’s path as he tackles many challenges. The series reflects the exhilaration and difficulties of following a football profession with its compelling plot and exhilarating on-field activity.

McFarland, USA

In the touching movie McFarland, USA, based on a true event, a high school coach named Jim White settles in a tiny hamlet in the Central Valley of California and starts a cross-country running club with a group of gifted but disadvantaged Latino students. Coach White and his team overcame social and financial challenges to achieve incredible success, demonstrating that goals can come true in the face of all difficulties with hard effort and self-belief. They did this through commitment, discipline, and mutual inspiration.

The Big Green

Family-friendly sports satire ‘The Big Green’ centers on many oddball children who start a football team in their small town. They set out on a quest to overcome the obstacles and fight against more skilled competitors with the assistance of their new coach. This amusing movie honors the fun of participating in sports, the value of collaboration, and the strength of self-belief.



Based on the real-life experiences of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey Team, “Miracle” shows the value of cooperation, tenacity, and faith regardless of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Despite not being directly about football, this motivational movie will appeal to anybody who enjoys sports by highlighting the positive effects of competition on both people and nations.

The Game Plan

The charming family comedy “The Game Plan” stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a successful NFL quarterback whose life takes a surprising turn when he learns he has a daughter. This film highlights the value of family, giving up, and striking an equilibrium between professional and personal goals as the protagonist deals with the struggles of fatherhood while maintaining his football career.


Centered on the remarkable true story of Vince Papale, a barman who defies all odds to join the Philadelphia Eagles football team, “Invincible” is a motivational film. This inspirational movie, starring Mark Wahlberg, shows the unwavering determination of an underdog and the tenacity needed to overcome challenges and reach success.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

In “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” Francis Ouimet, a middle-class professional golfer who opposes the power of the wealthy elite, recalls the storied 1913 U.S. Open golf competition. Although not explicitly about football, this movie has the same enthusiasm, commitment, and passion for competition seen in all kinds of sports, resulting in an engaging viewing for football fans.

Million Dollar Arm

The sports drama “Million Dollar Arm” is based on the real-life events of two Indian pitchers signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates after being spotted on a reality T.V. show. This movie tackles issues of social identity, camaraderie, and the transforming potential of sports as they adjust to life in America and the difficulties associated with professional baseball.


For fans of the beautiful game, Disney Plus provides a gigantic library of films and television episodes. These ten football-related movies and television programs airing on Disney Plus in 2023 offer an engaging and enjoyable experience. They range from actual motivational stories to fictional storylines that honor teamwork, tenacity, and the pursuit of dreams. Therefore, get your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to support your preferred sports teams and athletes from the warmth of your place.


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