Woman self-diagnoses leukemia via Google after misdiagnosis of tonsillitis

Woman self-diagnoses leukemia via Google after misdiagnosis of tonsillitis

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Self-Diagnosis of Leukaemia via Google

Chloe-Leigh Todd, a 22-year-old mum from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, used Google to self-diagnose herself with leukaemia after being told she had tonsillitis.


Chloe had a sore throat and general illness for a few weeks, which led to a telephone appointment with her GP.

Her GP diagnosed her with tonsillitis, but Chloe decided to do her own research via Google, where she found that she had textbook leukaemia symptoms, including vomiting, night sweats, and weight loss.

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Chloe in hospital
Chloe diagnosed herself

The Diagnosis

After realizing that her symptoms were similar to leukaemia, Chloe arranged a face-to-face appointment and had a blood test, which returned with abnormal results.

She was immediately sent to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Chloe underwent six rounds of chemotherapy, which eradicated most of the cancer cells, leaving her more optimistic.

Treatment and Remission

In September 2020, Chloe was put on the Anthony Nolan register to find a bone marrow donor.


The hospital found a 100% match in a 27-year-old boy, and she had the transplant in October 2020.

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After a successful operation, Chloe underwent another bone marrow biopsy to make sure her new cells had worked – later receiving the news she was cancer-free.

Chloe is now suffering from Graft vs Host disease, which happens when particular types of white blood cells in the donated stem cells or bone marrow attack your own body cells.

Chloe in hospital
Chloe had lost weight and was experiencing night sweats


Chloe’s story highlights the importance of being aware of one’s own body and the potential for self-diagnosis via search engines.

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Chloe knew something was wrong and took it upon herself to research and discover the cause of her symptoms.

Chloe’s story is one of perseverance and hope, and it reminds us of the power of technology and the importance of remaining optimistic, no matter what life may throw at us.

It is a bittersweet situation, but Chloe’s ability to tell her story and share her experience with others serves as a source of inspiration to many.

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