Woman Refuses to Give Up Annual Leave for Easter Long Weekend

Woman Refuses to Give Up Annual Leave for Easter Long Weekend

...By Gift BADEWO for TDPel Media.

A woman, who goes by the name Lady Quinn on TikTok, has called out a former work colleague for expecting her to give up annual leave for the Easter long weekend because she didn’t have children.


Lady Quinn, who was single and childless at the time, had booked leave and bought tickets to visit her parents who lived six hours away.

However, her boss asked her to swap leave with her colleague, whom Lady Quinn referred to as ‘Rebecca.’

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The Reason for the Leave Swap Request

Lady Quinn inquired whether there had been an emergency with the employee needing to swap leave, but there wasn’t.

Her manager told her that Rebecca wanted to be with her family for the Easter break, and Lady Quinn agreed to discuss it with her colleague.

During their conversation, Rebecca told Lady Quinn that she didn’t need the long weekend since she didn’t have children and could spend it with her family at any time.

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Entitlement and Refusal to Compromise

Lady Quinn was infuriated by Rebecca’s attitude, which implied that having children was a prerequisite for prioritizing one’s family.


She refused to give up her annual leave ‘out of the goodness of [her] heart’ and offered a compromise instead.

She said that she would work during Christmas, so Rebecca could take leave then.

In the end, Lady Quinn quit two months later, admitting that the incident was one of the reasons for her departure.

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Responses to the Video

Many people who watched the video shared similar experiences and expressed their solidarity with Lady Quinn.

Some criticized the sense of entitlement that some parents feel, believing that their family commitments should take priority over those of childless colleagues.

Others pointed out that being married without children also constituted a family, and that people had the right to spend time with their partners, friends, and pets.


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