Woman Named After Abba Shares Unique Name Story

Woman Named After Abba Shares Unique Name Story

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Abba Flint, a 40-year-old property maintenance worker from the West Midlands, has spoken about her unique name, which was inspired by her dad’s love for the Swedish supergroup, Abba.


Born in 1983, Abba has never met anyone else with the same name as her and is often asked whether it is real.

Abba said her dad wanted something different and thought it would be awesome to name her after the band.

Abba loves both her name and the band and hopes to meet them one day.

Abba named her kids Derryck and Grayson
Abba named her kids Derryck and Grayson

Abba’s siblings have “normal names” – Mandy and Lee.

In adult life, Abba has abbreviated her name to ‘Abs’, which often gets mistaken for Abi or Abigail.

She hates the name Abigail and always says, “no, my name is Abba”.


However, when people at work ask her what her real name is, she has to prove that Abba is her real name with ID or her work badge.

Abba is never offended and usually gets good praise from people.

Abba is a huge fan of the Swedish supergroup and recalls the time friends and family sang ‘Dancing Queen’ to her when she was 17.

She goes to ABBA tributes and is excited about their new album.

Abba named her own children, Derryck and Grayson, after TV characters because she wanted them to have unique names like hers.

This story highlights the fact that baby names can come from a wide range of inspirations, from music to TV shows to books and more.

Parents often want to choose names that are different and will make their child stand out.

However, it’s important to remember that unique names can sometimes be difficult for others to pronounce or spell, and can lead to confusion or misidentification.


Ultimately, the choice of baby name should reflect the parents’ personal preferences and values, while also considering the impact on the child’s life.

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