Woman imprisoned for sharing internet sex video with paedophiles

Woman imprisoned for sharing internet sex video with paedophiles

According to testimony given in court, a filthy lady recorded recordings of herself engaging in sex activities in front of children and shared them on a group chat created for child molesters.

As the prosecuting attorney outlined the specifics of Sonia Chivers’ ‘perverted’ child sexual abuse offenses, including the films and an indecent photograph of the kid that she had taken and posted online, the 29-year-old woman started weeping.

Despite her claims to the contrary, Hull Crown Court was informed that she ‘loved the attention’ she received from other users on the social media site Kik, where child abuse was being discussed.

She reportedly acknowledged providing the child’s picture and one of the videos over private conversations, saying that by doing so, she had “nourished these pedophiles.”

Chivers, of Driffield, was given a three year, four month sentence.

She admitted to creating and disseminating a Category B video, a second Category B video, a Category C photograph, and engaging in sexual behavior in front of a minor.

On January 16, 2021, an undercover police officer entered a Kik group conversation where individuals discussed sexual assault against children between the ages of 0 and 4, according to Richard Butters, the prosecutor, who testified in court.

On the platform, the officer spoke to the defendant.

The two disgusting movies and an offensive photograph were found on Chivers’ phone when she was taken into custody by National Crime Agency agents on December 5, 2020.

Chivers confessed to the crimes when she was detained and said that after taking the films, she felt ashamed with herself.

Richard Thompson, the defense attorney for Chiver, told the court that it was difficult to explain why someone from a loving family would go on to perpetrate the kinds of crimes that Chivers committed.

He said Chivers was acting out of attention seeking because she was feeling lonely. She did accept responsibility for her actions, he continued.

Mr. Thompson emphasized that Chivers had never been convicted before. She was given bail after the event and didn’t commit another crime.

She got work and had a family that was helpful. He said that she had a large network of supporters, some of whom were present when she appeared in court. A “support network” of family members, including her mother, were present in the audience in the public gallery.

Chivers was warned by Judge Sophie McKone that what she had done was disgusting, nasty, and perverse.

Chivers was emotionally alone at the time of the offenses, Judge McKone acknowledged. Although it could explain it, it still does not justify it.

Chivers was given a 40-month jail term by the judge. Additionally, Chivers is subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and has been indefinitely added to the Sex Offender Register.

Chivers was removed from the docks after her jail sentence was announced, but her raucous sobbing could be heard in the courtroom from a different chamber for many minutes after she departed.

Sonia Chivers said that she created child abuse material because she enjoyed the attention, according to Hazel Stewart of the National Crime Agency.

She “fueled” the need for this stuff by disseminating it, in her own words.

‘This is behavior that encourages others to conduct abuse themselves and puts children in risk, in addition to participating in highly graphic online talks regarding the sexual abuse of minors.

The NCA’s first mission is locating, apprehending, and prosecuting people who constitute a sexual danger to minors.

We collaborate with a variety of law enforcement agencies to make sure that perpetrators are stopped and children are protected.

»Woman imprisoned for sharing internet sex video with paedophiles«

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