Woman Confronts Wife After Discovering Deceptive Relationship: The Case of Blade Silvano

Woman Confronts Wife After Discovering Deceptive Relationship: The Case of Blade Silvano

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Woman Confronts Wife After Discovering Male Lover Was Actually Female

Court Hears Testimony in Case of Deception and Alleged Assault


In a court hearing, it was revealed that a woman confronted her wife after discovering that her supposed male lover of two years was, in fact, female.

Blade Silvano, 40, denied the charges of assault by penetration, as she was accused of deceiving the woman and using an implement during intimate encounters.

The incident unfolded at Cambridge Crown Court.

The Discovery and Confrontation

The alleged victim stumbled upon the truth when she synced her contacts for a new Facebook account and noticed that Blade appeared with a different surname.

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She decided to reach out to Blade’s wife, Jan Silvano, seeking answers. Jan Silvano disclosed that Blade had “always been a woman.”


The Shock and Revelation

Devastated by the revelation, the alleged victim expressed her disbelief and confusion, stating that the past two years of her life had been based on a lie.

She questioned Jan Silvano about the situation, highlighting the occasions they had spent together and the sacrifices she had made for Blade.

Jan Silvano confirmed that Blade was, indeed, female and that they had been married for ten years.

The Right to Consent

Feeling violated and denied the right to consent, the alleged victim expressed her belief that everyone has the right to know the true identity of their sexual partner.

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She emphasized the importance of transparency and understanding what one is engaging in sexually.

The Trial and Defense


During the trial, the prosecution argued that the alleged victim had fallen for a sophisticated deception orchestrated by Blade Silvano.

The defense, on the other hand, contended that the victim willingly participated in shared fantasies. The trial is expected to last for one week.

The Messages and Testimonies

Jurors were presented with thousands of messages exchanged between Blade Silvano and the alleged victim, including references to spending time together.

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The alleged victim mentioned wearing Blade’s top and the intimate moments they shared.

A friend of the alleged victim provided insight into Blade’s behavior, stating that Blade always kept their shirt on during intimate encounters and insisted on maintaining control.

Commentary: The Complexities of Deception and Consent

This case sheds light on the complexities surrounding issues of deception and consent in intimate relationships.


It raises important questions about transparency, the right to know a partner’s true identity, and the boundaries of consent.

Blade Silvano (pictured) from Lydham in Shropshire, denied two counts of assault by penetration after she was accused of duping the woman and using an implement to have 'intercourse' with her, Cambridge Crown Court heard 
The court’s decision will undoubtedly have significant implications for understanding and navigating such circumstances in the future.

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