Woman claims she was not aware about her voice being used as SIRI

Woman claims she was not aware about her voice being used as SIRI

The Siri voice has admitted she was unaware she would be found on millions of cellphones until it had already happened.

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Because to Siri, which is available on all of the main Apple products, including iPhones and Macbooks, Susan Bennett has one of the most recognizable voices in the world today.

But, she claimed that until she heard herself speaking on a friend’s iPhone years later, she had no idea she was going to be Siri.

In 2005, Susan—who claims she became a voiceover artist “by accident”—was requested to record a screenplay that made no sense for a client.

Susan stated to Insider: “I recorded the audio that would later be used for the renowned personal assistant. Yet at the time, I was unaware.”

She was offered a contract to record a “nonsensical sentence” script five days a week for a month, including phrases like “cow hoist in the tug today today” and “say shift fresh issue today.”

Susan now thinks that Apple “were trying to acquire all of the sound combinations in the English language” even though she was never told what the initiative was truly for.

Years later, when Siri debuted on the most recent iPhone, she finally learned that she was Siri’s voice.

Six years later, Susan recalled: “Hey, we’re fooling about with this new iPhone—isn’t this you?” Susan received an email from a fellow voice actor.

“What they were discussing eluded me. I immediately recognized my voice when I listened to it on Apple’s website.”

Susan alleged that Apple never even paid her, but that she now feels more at ease using Siri when the company replaced it with a new voice.

“I never talked to Siri when she had my voice—it was just too strange,” the woman claimed.

»Woman claims she was not aware about her voice being used as SIRI«

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