Withdrawal of Unparliamentary Language by junior government minister

Withdrawal of Unparliamentary Language by junior government minister

During a heated debate on a new visa scheme, a junior government minister uttered an unparliamentary language that caused a commotion among the attendees.

The minister, who has not been named, was forced to withdraw his statement after he dropped the F-bomb, which is considered inappropriate and offensive in parliamentary settings.

The incident occurred amidst a noisy debate on the proposed visa scheme, which had attracted a lot of attention from both sides of the political divide.

As tensions rose, the minister, who was speaking on behalf of the government, lost his cool and resorted to using profanity to express his frustration.

However, his use of unparliamentary language was met with disapproval from other members of parliament, who immediately called for him to retract his statement.

After realizing the gravity of his mistake, the junior minister apologized and withdrew his comment, bringing the debate back to order.

The incident highlights the need for all members of parliament to maintain decorum and adhere to parliamentary language during debates and discussions.

While it is natural for passions to run high during heated discussions, the use of offensive language undermines the seriousness and credibility of parliamentary proceedings.

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