Wife of ‘Boy Meets World’ actor William Daniels justifies joint adultery

Wife of ‘Boy Meets World’ actor William Daniels justifies joint adultery

Bonnie Bartlett Daniels defends the adulterous encounters she and her husband William Daniels had at the beginning of their 72-year marriage.

Previously, the 93-year-old actress stated that the couple “never felt bound to fidelity” at the beginning of their relationship; she now adds that this was a frequent occurrence in the 1950s.

“You must understand that we still live in a very puritanical nation,” Bonnie told People on Tuesday.

“[At the time of our marriage], people were simply carefree. The only downside is that it is detrimental to your self-esteem. It hurts tremendously.”

“You must have been an adult during that period to understand what it was like.” Simply put, the culture is different.”

Bonnie Bartlett and Willian Daniels are 72 years into their marriage.

She continued by stating that the couple’s decision to relocate from New York to California “really saved their marriage.”

“Once we arrived in Hollywood and began living as a normal family, spending weekends at home with our children, it was a completely different story,” she remarked. Nobody want anything beyond that.

The couple had three sons: William Jr., who passed away twenty-four hours after his birth, Michael, 59, and Robert, 57.

The Emmy-winning actress disclosed in her new memoir, “Middle of the Rainbow,” that she and William, who played Mr. George Feeny on “Boy Meets World,” had an open marriage following their 1951 wedding.

While she admitted to having “a brief affair” with an actor in 1959, she claimed that her husband’s relationship with another woman in the 1970s “devastated” her and altered the nature of their marriage

Despite the anguish, the pair was able to rededicate themselves to one another, and they have never looked back.

“The marriage could have ended at any time during the first ten years if one of us had, for example, fallen in love with another person, but we never did,” she told People.

“That was never a component. We both sincerely desired to be together. The affection has never ceased.”

At reality, according to Bartlett Daniels, the couple is “very happy” and enjoys the tiny moments they have in their Hollywood home.

“We sit in this house and carry out activities. He reads the ‘New York Times’ and primarily performs cameos. And we conduct conventions and similar activities. We simply like being together. Furthermore, we would do everything for one another.”


»Wife of ‘Boy Meets World’ actor William Daniels justifies joint adultery«

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