Why was my vacation request denied although we have an unlimited vacation policy?

Why was my vacation request denied although we have an unlimited vacation policy?

My workplace adopted an unlimited vacation policy this year, and my boss just declined my summer vacation request. He stated that it was too late to depart. How can they have an unlimited vacation policy and then tell me that I am requesting too much time?

What, did you request a summer vacation? “Unlimited” is misleading. Employers do not mean take as much time as you want; rather, they mean they will not prescribe a set amount of days that you are authorized to take. This is due to numerous factors. First, they are not required to compensate you for accrued but unused vacation days when you leave the company. Second, they eliminate the administrative burden of keeping track of everyone’s days, which is difficult for any business. And finally, it allows employees greater flexibility and maybe more time than a standard plan would. This also presupposes that you will execute your duties to the expected standard.

I entered a Zoom meeting after it had already begun and was unaware that it was being filmed for later dissemination. If I had realized I was being videotaped, I would not have said certain things. Do I not have the right to request that the video is not distributed?

You are permitted to request that the video not be distributed. You can argue that, because you arrived late to the meeting, you were unaware that it was being recorded; otherwise, you would have filtered your remarks accordingly. You can also explain why you believe sharing the video would be detrimental to the business. You possess each of these rights. You cannot prohibit anyone from using the recording when necessary. If possible, one compromise would be to alter the recording. In the future, you should always anticipate that public comments made during meetings will be repeated, even if they are not recorded. Therefore, unless you are speaking with only your closest friends, avoid saying anything that you would not want repeated.

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»Why was my vacation request denied although we have an unlimited vacation policy?«

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