Why pet owners should get insurance for new pets right away

Why pet owners should get insurance for new pets right away

If your pet is wounded or becomes ill, pet insurance may assist cover the expense of the expensive veterinarian treatment. These insurance may even cover check-ups, preventive care, and more for an additional cost.

Before your pet grows much older, it could be a good idea to get pet insurance if you just got a dog or cat. It could even enable you to save money.

Contact a pet insurance expert right now to get started with a free pricing quotation whether you’re thinking about getting pet insurance or just want to add additional pets to the coverage you currently have.

Why pet owners should get insurance for new animals right away

Are you the happy new owner of a cat or puppy? Here are several good reasons to obtain pet insurance right now.

The younger the animal, the less expensive the pet insurance is typically. For instance, Spot charges $58 per month for insurance for a medium-sized, mixed-breed dog who is 6 years old. It costs just $39 a month for dogs of the same type and size that are less than a year.

By purchasing pet insurance early, you can guarantee that your four-legged buddy is protected before any serious health issues arise that might be expensive to treat or even exclude your pet from coverage later on.

What will occur if owners hold off until the animal is an old age

Costs can increase if you put off getting pet insurance for a few years. The monthly cost with Spot for the 6-year-old dog in the previous paragraph was little under $60. The monthly cost for a 10-year-old dog of the same size and breed would be close to $120, or almost double the premium price.

Remember that age is just one aspect of coverage costs. The annual cap of your coverage, the reimbursement rate you choose, and your deductible all affect premium costs. A $10,000 annual cap, an 80% reimbursement rate, and a $250 to $300 deductible are shared by all of the plans mentioned above.

In order for you to know precisely what to anticipate, a pet insurance company may get you started with a free pricing quotation.

Reasons why pet insurance companies could refuse coverage requests

Some insurance companies have age restrictions and won’t cover dogs beyond a certain age, as you can see in the Lemonade rates up there. This is so because older animals are more likely to become sick, get hurt, or suffer from a chronic ailment. Usually, children between the ages of 10 and 12 are allowed.

Additionally, most insurers will not cover pre-existing diseases, so if your pet develops a persistent ailment — like allergies or arthritis, for example — before you get insurance, any future coverage you acquire won’t cover it (or any treatment for it) (or any treatment for it).

In rare circumstances, insurance may cover pre-existing illnesses that clear up. Your pet’s veterinarian record will need to indicate that they’ve been treatment- and symptom-free for at least a year, however.

Compare prices for pet insurance.

The coverage choices, deductibles, and cost of pet insurance plans vary considerably, so it’s always a good idea to compare at least a few policies to be sure you’re receiving the best price.

Additionally, search for companies that give discounts. By paying yearly, insuring many dogs at once, or consolidating your policy with other insurance policies you have, you could sometimes be able to achieve a reduced rate.

To learn more, contact a pet insurance expert right now, or start weighing your alternatives using the chart below.

»Why pet owners should get insurance for new pets right away«

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