Why Paulina Porizkova left a “catastrophic” date before supper was served

Why Paulina Porizkova left a “catastrophic” date before supper was served

Paulina Porizkova has re-entered the dating scene, but with mixed results.

In a recent interview, the 57-year-old former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model revealed that she had observed a worrying pattern on recent dinner dates.

“I’m not joking, seventy-five percent of the men I’ve gone on dates with, when I ask them what went wrong in their last relationship, they tell me that their wives had a borderline disorder,” she said exclusively to Page Six at the Tuesday screening of “Maybe I Do.”

Porizkova claimed that her dates lament their ex-wives with a superior tone, stating, “Oh, I did everything I could, but she’s just crazy.”

The stunning woman of Czech descent eventually became weary of hearing the same tragic story and took action.

She told us with a chuckle, “The last time that happened, I stood up in the middle of dinner and left.” “I did not even wait for the main courses. I responded with, “You know what? Best of luck finding a rational woman. I’m done.'”

Porizkova bemoaned that, however, “that leaves very few men,” but she remarked that at least she now has entertaining stories to tell her friends.

“The worse the date, the funnier the story,” she exclaimed with joy. “Therefore, I am amassing a large number of amusing tales.”

“Men will tell me that their wives suffered from borderline personality disorder,” the model told Page Six.
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Porizkova is celebrating the recent success of her autobiography, “No Filter: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful.”

She told Page Six, “I am continually moved by the response to my work.” “It really is extremely remarkable. I had no idea what to anticipate. I’m somewhat overwhelmed. I’m, like, very grateful.”

In the book, the actress talks candidly about her marriage and divorce from Ric Ocasek, the lead singer of The Cars, whom she met when she was 19 and he was 40 and married with four sons from previous relationships.

Before announcing their split in 2018, Porizkova and Ocasek were married in 1989 and had two children, Jonathan and Oliver.

The estranged couple appeared to be going through an amiable divorce in 2019 when the musician died abruptly following heart surgery at age 75.

Porizkova was surprised to learn that Ocasek excluded her from his will, alleging “abandonment,” weeks before his death.

In 2021, she had a brief relationship with Aaron Sorkin.

The film’s stars Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, and Emma Roberts, as well as John Slattery, Padma Lakshmi, Kathleen Turner, and “Emily in Paris” star William Abadie, attended the posh screening on Tuesday.


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