Why Nigerians attend Weddings

Nigerians love weddings soooooooo much, you’d think we love attending weddings to show solidarity to the couples, for where? we attend weddings for several reasons other than the above. Here are the top reasons why Nigerians attend weddings.

10% to turn up & show all the latest dance moves at weddings

Owanbe on turn levels

This is how we TURN UP at weddings.

50% for the food & drinks

Why Nigerians attend Weddings

Aha, this one is important, importanter, importantest  🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 

39% to find future husbands & wives for their kids, siblings or themselves

Yassssssss, Nigerian aunties that go to weddings to torment their nieces with, “When are we coming to your own wedding question?, and then go ahead to try to match make you with every single male they find.


Why Nigerians attend Weddings

1% to celebrate the marriage

Phewwwwwww, rolls actual eyes



80% show off asoebi styles

Ghen ghen, this set of Nigerian wedding guests are in their own worlds; if you want to get new styles to sew, attend a Nigerian wedding, thank me later.

They aren’t even cheap, in a previous article on this blog, asoebi cost was broken down, I also stumbled on another article that explained the same thing on its website.

Why Nigerians attend Weddings

Why Nigerians attend Weddings

As a Nigerian, I can tell you for a fact that it is in our DNA to SHOW OFF.



Nigerians I hail o, but come to think of it, Nigerians are the best people in the world, yes, I said it. I love my people and so I am biased, lol.

Why Nigerians attend Weddings

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