Why did Jerry Jones attend the 1957 desegregation demonstration?

Why did Jerry Jones attend the 1957 desegregation demonstration?

Jerry Jones claims that his “curiosity” caused him to be on the incorrect side of a 1957 photograph depicting school integration efforts in Arkansas.

On Thursday, following the publication of a Washington Post article outlining Jones’ biography, the 80-year-old owner of the Cowboys spoke with reporters about the matter. In 1957, Jones, a sophomore at North Little Rock High School, was among a group of white students who attempted to stop six black pupils from entering the school.

A photograph taken by the Associated Press shows 14-year-old Jones amid the enraged throng, supporting the evidence. The integration campaign was part of an ongoing movement to desegregate schools in the South, which was spearheaded by the Little Rock Nine at Little Rock Central High School, just a few miles from Jones’ previous high school.

Jerry Jones was seen in a 1957 photograph of a group of white students attempting to obstruct integration efforts.

“That happened, well, 65 years ago… Jones told reporters following the Cowboys’ victory over the Giants, “I was unaware of the significance of the moment at the time.” “I’m ecstatic that we’re light years away from it. I am. This serves as a reminder to continue doing all in our power to prevent occurrences of this nature.

Jones stated that a football coach advised him not to join the racist rally, but he opted to go anyway, which resulted to him getting his “ass” kicked. Additionally, the Cowboys owner would not disclose whether he regretted being a part of the group.

Jerry Jones stated that he was in the shot due of his inquisitiveness.

Jones stated that no one present had any notion what was about to occur. “I have a tendency to poke my nose in inappropriate places at inappropriate times.

“It is a reminder to me of how to improve and do things correctly…. I take it very seriously. I am very sincere.”


»Why did Jerry Jones attend the 1957 desegregation demonstration?«

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