Whoopi Goldberg REPEATS the Holocaust slur that prompted The View to kick her off the show

Whoopi Goldberg REPEATS the Holocaust slur that prompted The View to kick her off the show

Whoopi Goldberg has once again argued that the Holocaust had nothing to do with race, saying that the Nazis ‘were not killing races’ and reiterating the stance that led to her suspension from her $8 million-a-year post as co-host of The View in February.

The Oscar-winning actress was suspended from The View in February for claiming that the Holocaust was not about race, but rather ‘white on white brutality’ and’man’s inhumanity to man’ – and the interviewer was instructed beforehand not to bring up the talk show.

When it was pointed out that the Nazis undoubtedly believed the Holocaust was a racial issue, Goldberg readily reiterated her contentious remarks.

She told The Times of London, “Yes, but that’s the murderer, isn’t it?”

“The oppressor is describing who you are.” Why do you believe their claims? These individuals are Nazis. Why should you believe what they say?’

She stated that the Holocaust “was not initially about race.”

Remember who they murdered first. They were not committing racial genocide, but rather physical genocide. They were murdering those they deemed intellectually deficient. Then they reached this conclusion.

She stated that being Jewish was not a race in the same way that being black was, because it was not identifiable.

“But you would have thought I had defecated naked on the table,” the speaker says. The celebrity was born Caryn Elaine Johnson, and she claims that her stage name is a reference to her Jewish roots.

Goldberg, 67, was speaking to The Times of London to promote her new film Till, and she returned to the controversial territory she had previously explored, questioning the biology of transgender people, claiming she was not sexually harassed as an actress because she was intimidating and black, and expressing confusion as to why sexually abused actresses “just took it.”

Goldberg was also recently entangled in a dispute regarding transgender persons, and was accused of transphobia after stating, during a conversation about abortion, that “guys don’t have eggs.”

When asked about the dispute, Goldberg responded, “But males don’t have eggs.”

When the interviewer stated that trans males, who are biologically female, have eggs, Goldberg responded, ‘They may have eggs, but they are incapable of becoming pregnant. Do they? I believe you need to make some adjustments in order to fertilize those eggs. I have questions, however, because I was taught that trans males still have prostates.

A white artist depicted Emmett Till, the subject of Goldberg’s new film, in a painting exhibited at the Whitney in New York City last year, sparking controversy.

Some opponents stated that a white person should not use the pain of blacks for artistic purposes.

Goldberg disagreed.

She answered, “Well, they said the same thing about Steven Spielberg shooting The Color Purple.”

I do not believe you must be [black] to recognize and empathize. But I am that.’

She stated that there must be a discussion about casting in order to achieve opportunity and representation equality.

She stated, “As an actor, I like to feel like I can do anything; I can play anyone.”

And I realize now that there are things I should probably not do or be.

She added, “You believe,”

Wait a minute. Yes, I could do it, but who else is available?

And sometimes it’s difficult because you don’t want to let go.

‘However, sometimes you must, because you must train people to hire Asian actors’

During an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this spring, Goldberg attempted to apologize for his statement that the Holocaust is not about race, but he only managed to enrage more individuals.

She stated, “When you talk about being a racist, you cannot call this racism.” This was wicked. Not dependent on skin color. It was impossible to discern who was Jewish. You were required to dig deep and figure it out. They were required to do the work.

If the Klan is coming down the street and I am with a Jewish buddy, I will flee, but if my friend decides not to run, they will be passed by most of the time because it is impossible to discern who is Jewish. You have no idea.’

Her appearance on Colbert, where she also promoted her return to the Star Trek series, occurred hours after she issued an apology earlier that day for her remarks, which triggered global uproar.

The Holocaust involved the methodical extermination of the Jewish people, whom the Nazis considered an inferior race. I accept your correction,’ she tweeted.

My support for the Jewish people around the world has never wavered and never will. I apologize for the harm I have caused.

During the interview, she also stated, ‘As a black woman, I perceive race to be a completely different concept.

So I stated that I did not believe the Holocaust was about race. And this got many furious. I am receiving a great deal of correspondence from individuals, as well as a great deal of rage.

But I believed it was an important conversation because, as a black person, I perceive race as something I can see.

The Academy Award-winning actress and comedian who was born in Manhattan and has hosted The View since 2007 told Colbert that she received a great deal of criticism for her remarks.

Goldberg stated, “It was never, ever, ever my goal to disturb so many people.”

People were really outraged and stated, “No, we are a race.” And I understand. I felt differently. I value every word that is spoken to me. I do not wish to fabricate an apology.

I am quite disturbed that my words were misconstrued. And as a result, they accuse me of being anti-Semitic, denying the Holocaust, and all the other things I would never consider doing. I believed we were having a race-related conversation, like everyone else.

Goldberg, who is well-known for her bold and controversial remarks, revealed to Colbert that her Holocaust words caused her “a great deal of damage.”

People decided that I was a particular way. Furthermore, I am not,’ she insisted. “I’m upset that others perceive me in this manner. I brought it on myself.

This is my thought process, and I will strive not to think this way in the future.

The book by Art Spiegelman about the Nazi atrocities his parents endured has become a curriculum “anchor text” and is used in schools across the country.

“Let’s be honest about it,” she stated.

“The Holocaust has nothing to do with race. It is unrelated to race. It is unrelated to race. It is unrelated to race. It is about the inhumanity of man to man. That’s the crux of the matter.

Co-hosts Ana Navarro, Joy Behar, and Sarah Haines fought with her, but she remained unapologetic.

“These are two groups of white people. You have missed the mark. As soon as you make it a competition, it goes down this alley. Let’s call it what it is: how people treat one another,’ Goldberg stated.

On both sides of the Atlantic, Goldberg’s statements were met with scorn, with many slamming the actress for her mistake.

A non-profit organization, Stop Antisemitism, tweeted: “Breaking news @WhoopiGoldberg.

We were gassed, starved, and murdered by the Nazis because they viewed us as an inferior race. How dare you belittle our agony and trauma!’

The Auschwitz Memorial in Poland tweeted a hyperlink to a Holocaust history.

“@WhoopiGoldberg, the Holocaust is the genocide of European Jews.”

A seven-chapter online course about the Holocaust’s history. Links to each chapter are included in the tweet.

Goldberg has a history of supporting wife-beaters, race-baiters, and even a serial rapist. She began her career as a stand-up comedian and in avant-garde theatrical troupes.

However, she remains a co-host of the famous daytime show because her unrestrained rants are frequently must-see television.

Throughout her tumultuous career, the Academy Award winner and one of only 16 persons to have won a ‘EGOT’ – an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony – has remained steadfastly contentious.

»Whoopi Goldberg REPEATS the Holocaust slur that prompted The View to kick her off the show«

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