Who won the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial? Why?

Who won the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial? Why?

It turns out both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are terrible people.

When it comes to Johnny

  1. We have recordings where it appears Johnny Depp “beat the shit” out of Amber Heard
  2. We have recordings that indicate Johnny put out cigarettes on Amber
  3. We have recordings of Depp calling Heard names like “fat ass”

Then when it comes to Amber

  1. We have recordings where she confesses to hitting him
  2. We have recordings that indicate she’d throw pots and pans at him
  3. We have testimony she shit in Johnny Depp’s bed

Neither of them walks away from this looking particularly good.

I would say Amber Heard looks worse though.

You see Amber started all of this. Heard is a below-average actress that is rapidly aging. She decided to latch onto the #metoo and feminist movement and wrote an op-ed about how Depp abused her, likely wanting attention. Heard made herself out to be the victim in the relationship. In reality, it looks like they were both abusive to varying degrees.

I mean Heard has been on trial before for abusing a partner- so none of this is new.

What’s upsetting is that Heard plays the victim. Depp certainly suffered in this relationship as much as Heard did. Also, thanks to Heard’s writings Depp’s career took a serious hit. Meanwhile, Amber Heard’s career is fine, at least for the moment.

So for me- I think Heard comes away from this trial looking particularly bad but neither of them are angels.

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