‘We’re Gonna Keep Doing What We’re Doing’: Mizzy Shrugs off Legal Troubles, Calls Critics ‘Karens’

‘We’re Gonna Keep Doing What We’re Doing’: Mizzy Shrugs off Legal Troubles, Calls Critics ‘Karens’

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In recent news, Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, also known as Mizzy, an 18-year-old notorious for his ill-conceived pranks on TikTok, along with an associate, has publicly defied his detractors, vowing to continue his shenanigans despite facing legal consequences for his past actions.


A new video shared on Twitter shows the pair dismissing their critics as ‘Karens’ while proclaiming, ‘we’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing.’

O’Garro’s Legal Troubles

O’Garro was recently slapped with a two-year criminal behaviour order in response to his relentless prank videos, many of which crossed the boundary of good humor.

He was directed to stop posting videos on social media without the explicit consent of the individuals featured in the videos.

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Further, he was ordered not to trespass onto private property and to stay away from Westfield Centre in Stratford.

The severity of the order clearly reflects the magnitude of the disruption caused by O’Garro’s pranks.

His friend says 'all of you Karens bro, we're gonna be outside, we're gonna be doing what we're doing'
His friend says ‘all of you Karens bro, we’re gonna be outside, we’re gonna be doing what we’re doing’

Unrepentant Prankster

Despite the court’s order, O’Garro and his friend remain unfazed.


In their latest video, they express satisfaction over the social media attention they have been receiving, seeing it as beneficial to their cause.

They claim to have no intention of harming anyone and justify their actions as ‘having fun.’

However, O’Garro’s actions to date, which include breaking into private properties and creating disturbances in public places, tell a different story.

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O'Garro shared a clip on Twitter today where he rode the top of a moving bus
O’Garro shared a clip on Twitter today where he rode the top of a moving bus

Facing the Consequences

A high-profile interview with Piers Morgan further highlighted the extent of O’Garro’s reckless behaviour.

The TV presenter confronted him about his extreme pranks, such as stealing a woman’s dog and causing alarm by confronting people with threatening questions.

When pressed about the potential consequences of his actions, O’Garro insisted he did care, albeit his actions suggest otherwise.

O’Garro was given a chance to express remorse, but his subsequent actions were far from remorseful.

In another video, O'Garro claimed that the police will never get him
In another video, O’Garro claimed that the police will never get him

Court Hearing and Further Provocation

Following his court appearance, O’Garro wasted no time in challenging the authorities.


He immediately created a new TikTok account and started posting videos again.

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His blatant defiance against the court’s order and his continuing confrontational attitude suggest that the troubles caused by this TikTok prankster are far from over.

Reaction of Authorities and Legal Counsel

The Metropolitan Police and legal representatives have expressed serious concerns about O’Garro’s behaviour, highlighting the distress caused by his ‘pranks.’

The court order was intended to curb O’Garro’s destructive tendencies, but the recent actions indicate that the issue might be far from resolved.

The court’s comments about the potential consequences of O’Garro’s actions, along with the measures taken to prevent future offences, underscore the severity of the situation.


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