Wendy Harmer: “Miracle of Christmas” as Woolworths waives 0 charge for elderly women

Wendy Harmer: “Miracle of Christmas” as Woolworths waives $200 charge for elderly women

Wendy Harmer, a journalist and novelist, disclosed that the hands of two elderly women were trembling after the Woolworths store manager waived their $200 Christmas shopping charge.Broadcaster and author Wendy Harmer (pictured) witnessed an act of great kindness at a supermarket on Monday

Monday, Harmer was in the Woolworths store in Warriewood on Sydney’s northern beaches and witnessed the incident firsthand.

She told Daily Mail Australia, “My daughter and I were doing our Christmas shopping and the women were a few aisles over.”

We only noticed out of the corner of our eyes that there was some concern.

One of the women used a cane and was very feeble; she was accompanied by another older woman.

On Monday, novelist and broadcaster Wendy Harmer (pictured) observed an act of extraordinary compassion in a supermarket.

Harmer overheard the cashier inform the women that the grocery store did not accept their intended payment method, a check.

The more mobile woman then offered to retrieve cash from the bank.Broadcaster and author Wendy Harmer, who lives in the area, shared the story on her Twitter account (pictured)

She was concerned about abandoning her pal. She left for a few minutes but was unable to withdraw the money from the bank for whatever reason,’ Harmer explained.

The former ABC radio anchor was beginning to feel the need to intervene.

She stated, “By the time I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, I should help out here,’ the situation had been settled.”

We heard the manager wish the women a Merry Christmas before they left.

Harmer approached the women outside the shop and chatted with them out of a natural broadcaster’s curiosity to learn more about what had occurred.

I exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, what just occurred?” They stated, “They paid our bill.”

Author and broadcaster Wendy Harmer, who resides in the neighborhood, shared the news on Twitter (pictured)

They presented me with their receipt, which was about $200.

The other’s caregiver recognized me from television and asked, “Could you please put this on television?”

Harmer, a local resident, said she wasn’t sure if she could get it on television, but she would try to spread the information via her Twitter account.

“I don’t believe they realized what Twitter was, but I promised to promote their good deed, and it seems to have resonated with people.”

The two elderly women were shopping at Woolworths, Warriewood on Sydney's northern beaches on Tuesday and tried to pay for groceries with a cheque - a method no longer accepted by the store

She stated that she had never before encountered something such. “I was shocked that it was for so much money. They had a considerable amount of items in their trolley.

‘The women were also rather astonished.

The two elderly women attempted to pay for their groceries with a check at Woolworths, Warriewood on Sydney’s northern beaches on Tuesday, a payment method no longer accepted by the business.

They were standing there in disbelief with their hands trembling; they were quite moved, so it was a pleasant occurrence.

Although both women were elderly, according to Harmer, one was the caretaker for the other.

One woman stated that she was “protecting” the other. She was somewhat younger than the other woman, who was really feeble.

Since she shared the story, Harmer stated, ‘Many people claimed they were con artists.’

Why, if they were con artists, would they ask me to broadcast it on television?A manager at a Woolworths supermarket paid for two elderly customers' groceries after they had tried to pay by cheque. Pictured is a Woolworths shop

The manager of a Woolworths grocery paid for the groceries of two elderly customers who attempted to pay by check. The image depicts a Woolworths store

Woolworths disclosed to Daily Mail Australia that it has conducted a “season of good actions” with at least 1,000 “surprise and joy” moments for customers – one per shop, nationwide.

Woolworths operations manager Gary O’Donnell stated, “Because our store employees know their local consumers best, we left it up to them to determine who to surprise and what the present may be.”

‘Among the special occasions, our stores have paid for a customer’s grocery cart, gifted a gift basket, and given a young family their Christmas ham,’ the author explains.


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