‘Weird  racist’: Zoë Kravitz ‘uncomfortable’ filming ‘Big Little Lies’

‘Weird racist’: Zoë Kravitz ‘uncomfortable’ filming ‘Big Little Lies’


Zoë Kravitz received critical acclaim for her role as Bonnie Carlson in HBO’s Big Little Liars but there were some things that made her feel “uncomfortable.”

The actress revealed that she was not too happy when filming in parts of Monterey, California. This was because of the lack of diversity. Kravitz is biracial – she is mixed with African-American and Jewish descent.

“There were a few moments where I felt a little uncomfortable because it is such a white area. Just weird, racist people in bars and things like that,” she said.

She also said that the role of Bonnie Carlson was originally written for a “white person.”


Kravitz said her parents were people who broke down barriers in lots of ways.

“They both dealt with being artists who didn’t act or dress or look or sound the way a Black person was supposed to act in terms of what white people specifically were comfortable with,” she said.

Her parents may have broken down barriers but Kravitz still felt uncomfortable with her heritage as a biracial woman growing up in Los Angeles and Miami.

“I felt really insecure about my hair. relaxing it, putting chemicals in it, plucking my eyebrows really thin. I was uncomfortable with my blackness. It took me a long time to not only accept it but to love it and want to scream it from the rooftops,” she continued.

The turning point was when she realised “what it meant”.

“For my grandmother to get a job on The Jeffersons, and be a Black woman on TV, and what it meant for her to be in a biracial relationship on television. And to hear stuff that my mother tells me about being a biracial girl in the 1970s, and being abused or being spit on, and what that felt like, you know?” she added.

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