‘We are bewildered’: EU blasts South Africa for its stance on Russia

The shockwaves of South Africa’s decision to abstain on a UN vote condemning Russia are being felt across the globe. Mzansi was just one of a handful of countries who failed to side against Putin’s act of aggression in Ukraine, sparking a flood of concerns from the international community.

EU slams South Africa over UN vote

SA – and the ANC in particular – does have some historically deep ties with Russia, stretching back to the days of the anti-apartheid struggle. Our partnership with BRICS also keeps us close to the Kremlin… but many feel the act of condemning a brutal and violent invasion of a sovereign state shouldn’t be causing this much drama.

The EU Ambassador to South Africa was unable to hide her disdain with the situation on Thursday. Riina Kionka slammed the Mzansi’s representatives at the UN, questioning why a country that prides itself on championing human rights can not bring itself to condemn the Russians. Kionka said that the bloc was ‘bewildered’ by the move.

“We’re disappointed that SA did not join…this is a situation in which one country has performed military aggression against another sovereign member state of the UN…There’s some bewilderment. We’re puzzled because SA sees itself and is seen by the world as a country championing human rights, international law and the rule of law.”

Riina Kionka

ANC and Russia, sitting in a tree…

The DA, already apoplectic with South Africa’s ‘moment of shame’ on the global shame, have since responded to the EU’s dismay. Shadow Minister Leon Schreiber slammed the ANC for showing ‘outright cowardice’, and he now believes the world is beginning to call out Ramaphosa and his comrades for ‘siding with Putin’.

“The world starting to speak out against Ramaphosa’s disgraceful siding with Putin. In a cowardly move by a cowardly government that is led by a cowardly President, South Africa is one of only a handful of nations in the world that refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the United Nations.”

Leon Schreiber

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