Watch massive swarm of WASPS that has invaded family’s garden

Watch massive swarm of WASPS that has invaded family’s garden

Shocking footage shows a huge swarm of wasps invading a family’s garden – keeping them trapped in their home.

The family, from Lower Kersal, Salford, say they are unable to leave their home because of the swarm, with wasps now flying into the property.

It is believed there is a nest in the loft of the property, attracting the huge swarm. My daughter and her neighbours have had to lock their windows and doors. They can’t come out, they can’t let their children out.’

Julie’s son Kieron said that efforts have been made to try and get a professional in but so far it has proved unsuccessful.

He added: ‘They’re starting to come into the kitchen, they’re in the garden, the street, you can’t even go near the door because there’s that many.

‘I’ve been on the internet and apparently if they sting you, they leave a scent in you and then they all come for you because they protect the queen. If you get stung, it can be fatal because your body can take a bad turn, so it’s dangerous.

‘They keep going in this little hole that goes in the loft so we think the hive must be in there but we’ve rang four different people and no one’s answering. We’re a bit stuck, we don’t know what to do.

‘I don’t know if it’s because it’s the weekend but I don’t know if it’s even safe to leave that for another couple of days because there’s four kids in there. It’s madness.’

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