Watch full interview of Tokkie on Die Antwoord’s satanic abusive parenthood

Watch full interview of Tokkie on Die Antwoord’s satanic abusive parenthood

South African alternative rock group Die Antwoord has made headlines once again for their shocking behaviour.

But this time, it has nothing to do with another “Zef” track from the controversial hitmakers Yolandi Visser and Ninja, real names Anri du Toit and Waddy Jones

The music duo and former couple are accused of physically and sexually abusing their two foster children; Gabriel “Tokkie” du Preez and his younger sister Meisie.

In a shocking interview, Tokkie – now 20 years old and living away from Die Antwoord – accuse the duo of exposing him and his underage sibling to pornography and sexual activity, unspeakable violence, and even rituals tinged with their own blood.


Twelve years ago, Tokkie recalls how Die Antwoord’s Ninja and Yolandi “picked me up from school”.

At the time he was nine years and his sister just two years old.

The couple adopted Tokkie and Meisie, now 14, under foster parenting agreements from the children’s biological mother Josephine. Die Antwoord also fostered another young boy from the poor community and had their own biological daughter “Sixteen Jones” together.

The controversial group – whose music includes lyrics and imagery based on Satanism, gangsterism, incest, and other social ills – used the children as actors and props in their music videos and album covers. The family split their time between the Cape Town and Johannesburg home as well as time abroad in Los Angeles.

Whilst Tokkie – who suffers from rare skin disease called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia – initially enjoyed his time with the popular stars, he soon revealed his regrets.

He told News24: “They made me believe I was the devil.

“They made me swear more and made me believe that I could burn people in hell and that I am the king of hell. They told me that I could bring darkness upon the world.

“It felt like my life was messed up, especially when it came to my family”.

Tokkie claims Die Antwoord was always away, busy with work commitments, leaving the children home alone.

He added: “They made me feel like I was actually a slave. They adopted me to be a slave. They made me feel like I wasn’t really being loved”.

In 2020, when Tokkie turned 18-years-old, Ninja published a video of the father-son “reunion”. In it, Ninja hands Tokkie R5000, claiming it was his “last contribution”. He instructed Tokkie to “rather go fish than ask for a fish”.

Tokkie is back in his home in Vrededorp, living with his older brother.


In a lengthy interview posted on YouTube with filmmaker Ben Jay Crossman, Tokkie revealed some of the astonishing claims from his troubled childhood with Die Antwoord.

They include:

  • Exposing Tokkie to pornography at the tender age of 11 years old
  • Encouraging Meisie – who is still in their custody – to “undress before them and join them naked in the sauna, with other naked adults”
  • Taking the children to a private clinic to have their blood withdrawn, supposedly for a blood ritual
  • Rewarding Tokkie after he violently stabbed his older brother at their Johannesburg home
  • A naked Yolandi exposing herself to a then 13-year-old Tokkie
  • Giving Tokkie a sex doll to play with

Tokkie added: “The worst part was seeing my supposed-to-be mother or adopted mother being naked in a room, drunk… experiencing my mother being drunk, naked and wanting me to spend time with her in the room while she was naked. That I found very disturbing.

Of his sister Meisie still being in their custody, he added: “Why does Ninja want to see my sister naked? She is so small. It is pretty weird, it feels like a pervy vibe to me that Ninja wants to have with my sister. Every time when he phones the family, they ask if my sister is pregnant yet and that is not going to happen, not on my watch.”

Die Antwoord have denied the claims via their agent Scumeck Sabottka who said: “Die Antwoord don’t agree with Tokkie’s statements.”

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