Vince Vaughn to Return in Dodgeball Sequel

Vince Vaughn to Return in Dodgeball Sequel

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

A sequel to the 2004 comedy film Dodgeball


A True Underdog Story is reportedly in development, and Vince Vaughn has already signed up to reprise his role as the owner of Average Joe’s Gym, according to Deadline.

The new movie will continue the story of the original film, which followed a group of misfits who entered a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament to save their local gym from being taken over by a rival corporation led by Ben Stiller’s character.

The scriptwriter for the sequel is Jordan VanDina, who also wrote Hulu’s 2020 series The Binge, while 20th Century Fox is developing the project.

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No other details about the cast or the director have been announced.




A True Underdog Story was a surprise hit that grossed over $168 million worldwide, despite mixed reviews from critics.

The film has since become a cult classic and a popular meme source, thanks in part to its memorable characters and absurd humor.

The news of a sequel has generated mixed reactions from fans and critics, with some questioning the need for a follow-up and others eagerly anticipating the return of the original cast.

The fact that Vince Vaughn has signed up for the sequel suggests that he believes in the project and sees potential in revisiting his character, who was one of the film’s main anchors.

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However, it remains to be seen whether the sequel will capture the same magic and freshness of the original, or whether it will feel like a cash grab or a retread of old jokes.

The absence of Ben Stiller’s character from the official announcement also raises questions about whether he will be involved in the sequel, and if not, how the story will address his absence or introduce a new antagonist.

Overall, the news of a Dodgeball sequel is likely to generate buzz and curiosity, but its success or failure will depend on how well it balances nostalgia and innovation, and how it adapts to the changing cultural and comedic landscape of the 2020s.

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